Busted! Amid US Tensions, Iran Builds Fake Ship to Attack

Iran is in desperate trouble as the issues mount against them. They definitely hate the United States and President Trump. Iran is under a tremendous amount of stress as they try to keep their heads above the financial waters.

The sanctions placed on them because of their unwillingness to give up developing weapons of mass destruction has put the county in a state of poverty. But their illustrious leaders are so determined to defy the world and kill people that they are unwilling to work with other nations to develop a safe and peaceful region.

Iran has threatened war against the United States. But one can only wonder if they truly can wage a war on a large scale. Especially if they are constructing a fake aircraft carrier. The thought is that they are going to use if for military practice. But as poor as the Iranian government has become it very well could be their attempt to have an aircraft carrier made out of cardboard.

Scans are showing that the fake carrier is a mockup of the Nimitz-class carrier that is usually seen in the Persian Gulf. This region of the world is where 20 percent of the oil has to pass through to service countries around the world. Some officials are thinking that this is their way of showing strength.

Anyone can sink a fake carrier that does not fight back. Iran has a sad state of affairs that are laughable the more they try to appear to have military might. The best they have been able to do is hire mercenaries to attack oil fields and terrorize neighboring countries.

The cardboard carrier has 16 little jets pinned to the top of the fake vessel. Iran’s sad attempt to build a version of the carrier has fallen embarrassingly short. The fake carrier is only 200 meters long and 50 meters high.

The real carrier is actually 300 meters long and 75 feet wide. Looks like Iran ran out of money again building a pointless mockup of the carrier. The big tub is being constructed near an area where the pathetic Iranian leader showed off 100 boats designed for quick-strike attacks.

The Iranian leader really has no concept of secrecy. He has shown the world his plans and exactly the kind of vessels and weapons he intends to use against heavily fortified battleships. Iranian Admiral Ale Fadavi wrongly portrays American ships when he states that “American aircraft carriers are very big ammunition depots housing a lot of missiles, rockets, torpedoes and everything else.”

He is stating that they are big boxes full of weapons ready to be destroyed. He must have forgotten that they are highly technological machines of destruction that will destroy any vessel that comes to close.

Iran is still upset over the death of its insane leader Soleimani. They have vowed to kill the man responsible for leaking information to the United States that was later used to assassinate the crooked man. Iran tries to appear strong but the best they have ever been able to do is mess with little engagements around the region. Their refusal to work with western nations only makes things worse for them.

Iran is arming itself for a small war. But with no money, there is no way that they can engage on a large scale for any length of time. The oil they sold to Venezuela certainly is not enough to fund their endeavors especially when they cannot build a full-sized model of the carrier they want to attack. The 100 small boats that Iran has built are expected to be used in case there is a firefight in the Persian Gulf.

Iran wrongfully thinks that this attempt to show strength is of any concern to the American Navy. One well-placed missile is all it would take to burn their fishing attack boats to the ground. If they would simply deal fairly with President Trump and come up with a suitable plan for their programs, the sanctions would become a thing of the past. But they are a stubborn nation that cannot see past their own greed to truly live free.