CA Nurses are Refusing to Treat Those Sick with COVID-19

Medical professionals are highly concerned about becoming infected with the virus so much that some nurses in California are refusing to treat patients until they have the right gear to stay healthy. The one piece of equipment that they are lacking is the N95 masks.

These masks do more than make someone look cool, they filter out the virus and other harmful elements. The nurses were working without them for some time, but that all changed when one of them got sick.

Not having the right equipment for medical staff to treat patients is like telling a fireman to run into a burning building without protective gear. The issue is not why they don’t have masks any longer but when will they arrive.

Every nurse in the centers have families that they are putting at risk. Mike Gulick is one of the nurses and he was told that the N95 masks do not help against the virus by administrators. He was told that it is too bad they don’t have them so get back to work.

In essence, the administrator lied to the nurses. More qualified people have tested the masks and they do help protect against the virus. The nurses have since taken matters into their own hands and refuse to enter rooms with patients that are affected. As a result of their riot, they were all suspended with pay until a formal investigation can take place.

Many medical centers would love to have these frontline heroes. Administrators are never on the frontlines. They are more concerned with the money at the end of the day. They see the masks as an expense that they just cannot afford.

They have put money over the health of their employees and the lives of the people needing treatment. The center’s human resource department is looking into the issue. Another entity that is involved in the nurses’ union.

The N95 does remove the virus from the air. The administrators lied to their people. Gulick is married to another nurse that works at a competing hospital and they have the masks and other protective gear.

They also have another respirator that they get to double the protection. There is no reason why these nurses should not have the same equipment. They have been lied to by greedy cowards.

The strain on the medical equipment manufacturers is great. Other companies have changed their production lines to help meet the shortage of needed material. Nurses and doctors need the equipment to keep from being another patient.

They truly are the frontline in this battle against the coronavirus. The CDC has not said that they should be required to wear masks. But given the infectious nature of the virus, it just makes sense.

If the administrators cared about their people, they would have made sure they had the items they needed to treat people. It is estimated that nearly 9,200 medical people have fallen ill to the virus.

One worker stated that ‘We are so grateful to the heroic work our nurses perform each day and will not let the actions of a few diminish the appreciation we have for all our nurses and their commitment to our community. Saint John’s cherishes its nurses and is taking precautions sanctioned by leading world, national, state and local health agencies to ensure their safety — the same protocols followed by most hospitals around the country.  We have been working for weeks to increase access to PPE and also activate our own local reprocessing centers.”

If they truly cared, then give them the masks. There may be a shortage of equipment, but if enough nurses and doctors die from the virus, then there will be a shortage of them as well. They are the true heroes fighting the war for everyone.

All the hospital has to do is ask for help from the federal government and they will have what they need. But they must ask for help first. The equipment will go to those that ask for it so it is sent to the areas that need it the most.