California Business Owners Likely Regret Being Democrats About Now

Democrats are everything that’s wrong with the state. In an effort to “protect” Californians from COVID-19, businesses continue to shutter. They allow restaurants to continue operating. They do nothing to put a stop to large gatherings. Yet, the small businesses that are the backbone of the country’s economy are the ones that are constantly being punished.

Who do Californians have to blame? Well, they can blame their Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom. They can blame their Democratic leadership – Senators and Representatives across the state. They can also blame their president-elect, Joe Biden.

If they think that lockdowns and business closures are bad now, wait until Biden takes office at the end of January.

It’s too late to do anything about it all now. The business owners are getting louder and louder about not wanting businesses to be shut down. They can thank the Democrats for that – and now they’re probably wishing that they had voted in more Republicans.

Republicans have always been more fiscally responsible. They know that it’s possible to let businesses open but with some safe changes. Masks, social distancing, plexiglass, and a few other modifications can make it so that businesses can continue to operate. It works better for everyone. Businesses can thrive, cities can continue to collect taxes, and residents have the opportunity to do business when and where they want.

The latest restrictions from Governor Newsom are over the top. He’s sliced and diced the state into five regions, identifying that they have to go into shutdown mode once the ICUs in the region are at capacity. And many small businesses are worried that will be the end of their businesses as they know it.

California business owners have already dealt with several shutdowns based on the whim of Governor Newsom. Businesses have had to shut down despite some of the relief coming from DC. They don’t have the sales to stay operational. Yet, the big box stores are continuing to thrive because they fall into the “essential” category.

The only voice of reason in a sea of Democrats is Republican Assemblyman James Gallagher. In Yuba City, Gallagher has spoken out to identify that small businesses should be able to stay open during the next shutdown. “These businesses have been destroyed for really no good reason.”

It makes absolutely no sense for Newsom to require the small businesses to shut down. They have the necessary measures in place to keep employees and customers safe. They’re also operating at much smaller capacities than the big chain stores.

Southern California is likely to be the first region to see the shutdown restrictions because of the ICU bed levels. The shutdown would last at least three weeks – and too many business owners are worried about what three more weeks of no sales are going to do for them.

Gallagher is right when he says that the shutdowns don’t have the effect that so many politicians want them to have. These businesses are shutting down for what? To reduce the effect of the virus. The problem isn’t that people are going into these businesses wearing masks. The problem is found in the super-spreader events like weddings and backyard BBQs where there isn’t a mask in sight.

Governor Newsom’s leadership throughout the pandemic has been abysmal. He continues to add restrictions, yet it’s not being followed by different cities. He has become a dictator and yet, law enforcement doesn’t even want to back him.

What’s next? Checkpoints at the borders. Are mask police roaming the streets?

It’s clear that Californians are tired of the restrictions. They’re tired of having to shutter their businesses even though they know they can operate safely.

Unfortunately, California is in this mess because of their own actions. They voted Democrat when they voted in Newsom and they voted Democrat again when they voted in Biden. As businesses continue to suffer, maybe they’ll soon realize that Republican is the better way to vote.