Calls To Secure Border Escalate As Terrorists Were Discovered Trying To Cross Into America


The southern border is a massive battle zone between illegal invaders and law enforcement shafted by the president that must protect the country without support from the federal government. Joe Biden opened the border for anyone to come across without the need to be checked out by border agents. He maintains that the people coming into the country need help, and no one could be a criminal or terrorist.

That was the lie that he has told Americans, and now it seems that his lie is making headlines around the country as a Saudi Arabian illegal was found trying to cross the border. It may seem natural for people to be caught, but when they have ties to terrorists, it is a cause for concern. And Biden knows full well that the terrorists will use the southern border as their entry point because they will not likely be caught.

But Senator Ted Cruz demands that the president move to secure the border because terrorists are showing up ready to scout out their next target. Cruz pointed out the terrorists are making their move and getting a free bus pass from Biden to the country’s interior. All they have to do is make it across, and they are free to move around without being followed by anyone.

Chris T. Clem is the chief patrol agent in Yuma, Arizona. He stated that “#USBP #YumaSector agents apprehended a potential terrorist who illegally entered the U.S. from Mexico Thursday night. The 21-year-old migrant from Saudi Arabia is linked to several Yemeni subjects of interest. #BorderSecurity is #NationalSecurity.” The man apprehended has ties to terrorists and was trying to gain access to the country.

Clem pointed out the man was wearing clothing to help him hide and act as he worked for the “Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps.” He intended to infiltrate and find ways to enact terrorism in America. Being a terrorist means he wants to arrive in secret to enact harm on innocent people to sneak across the border.

Ted Cruz also mentioned that “The #BidenBorderCrisis by the numbers: 173,620 illegal aliens crossed in November. That’s over 100,000 more than last year. 13,959 unaccompanied minors. This border crisis isn’t ‘seasonal’ it’s the direct result of Biden’s failed policies.”

Biden had tried to say that the border surges were related to the seasons. But ever since that speech, the surges have gotten worse, and the times had nothing to do with the increase in illegals. These people are coming from areas of the world that are always warm. There are no seasons around the equator other than warm and hot.

Biden’s winter lifestyle helps him think that the entire world must come from an environment that he is used to living in. But that is just not the case.

Biden thinks he can slap tracking devices on illegals and let them go. These people will have them removed and disappear before anyone even knows what happened to them. And this terrorist is no different. Except he did not want to get caught.

There is no doubt that the old man president is supportive of terrorists. He has given them back their country in Afghanistan and found a way to help fund them in Iran. And they owe all their thanks to Joe Biden because he is their source into the country. And now the door is open for the terrorists to come back into America and blow things up.

Republicans continue to fight back and help the president long forgotten border agents. Governor Greg Abbott and some others from around the country have taken steps to try and stop the Biden surge from getting any worse.

Even the courts have ordered Biden to set things back up that Donald Trump used to control the influx of illegals. But so far, the old president ignores the warnings and the court orders and continues to do what he wants. And the terrorists will be forever in his debt.