Can California Go Red? A GOP Gubernatorial Candidate is Ready to Make it Happen

Borka Kiss/

California is about as blue as they come. They’re as blue as Texas is red. However, we’ve seen so many problems coming out of California over the past few years. Overreaching COVID mandates, homelessness, crime, and the list goes on and on.

So many people are tired of the “rules for thee but not for me” liberal politics that they’re moving out of the state. In fact, U-Haul can’t even keep enough trucks in the state to accommodate everyone who wants to get the hell out of there.

It’s hard to imagine the state going red, though. After all, the state had the opportunity to recall Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. In the end, they decided to keep the slick-haired man because they were too afraid of change. And it only gave Newsom another boost to his already inflated ego to feel as though he could do whatever he wanted.

Anthony Trimino wants to see some changes. The gubernatorial candidate believes that California may finally be ready for a red takeover.

To be fair, California has had GOP leadership in the past. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the most recent one, and he held the position for eight years, with his term ending in 2011. Pete Wilson was before that, and George Deukmejian was before that. If you pull up the history of governors, they switch back and forth every so often. The last two governors (Newsom and Brown) have been Democrats.

When Trimino says that the state is ready for a red takeover, he might not be wrong.

More and more Latinos are choosing to vote Republican. We saw it in the Virginia gubernatorial election as well as during the 2020 presidential election.

I think there’s an awakening happening within the Latino communities, where they’re realizing they’re being forced to redefine their political values, and I think they’re asking themselves the questions that are truly necessary to understand how to vote,” Trimino explained during an interview with the Daily Caller.

Trimino believes that many Latino voters are realizing that they are conservative. His own grandparents fled Cuba’s Communist Revolution. And many voters have similar stories where they, their parents, or their grandparents fled their home country to get away from socialist or communist rule.

More prominent cultural issues are being attacked by the left – going to church being one of them. During COVID, churches were closed. And the Latino community is highly religious, with many of them being Catholic. California went to the extreme to keep churches closed. When they did open, they wanted to ban singing – and that’s just not realistic for people who want to worship God inside of a church.

In a Pew survey that was conducted in 2018-19, 78 percent of Hispanics identified that they were affiliated with a religion of one kind of another. Democrats as a whole don’t identify as being religiously affiliated – and that’s another cause for concern according to Trimino.

He also points to the mandates as well as Critical Race Theory being issues for Democrats. The new ethnic studies standard being introduced into California public schools will encourage students to “build new possibilities for a post-racist, post-systemic racism society that promotes collective narratives of transformative resistance, critical hope, and radical healing.”

We can see how many voters are already fighting against such things – and residents in heavily Latino communities in San Francisco voted to recall Allison Collins, the former School Board Commissioner as well as several school board members.

Trimino went on to explain that the political parties are dying. More people are moving to the middle – Democrats are moving to the right to get away from the progressive agendas.

In the end, the gubernatorial candidate explains “I want to make California the most business-friendly state in the nation, and I want tech to thrive here. I want big corporations to thrive here, and I want manufacturing to thrive here, but not at the expense of robbing people of their rights, their liberties, their privacy, or their First Amendment rights.”

It’s highly unlikely that anyone can make a better promise than Trimino. Now, let’s hope that the people of California will see that there’s a better option than progressive politics when it’s time to visit the polls.