Can the Vaccine Actually Increase the Probability of Contracting Omicron?


The Biden administration has been telling everyone to get vaccinated. Get the jab so that you can save lives. Get the jab so that you can keep your job. Get the jab so that we can all get back to “normal.”

What if getting the vaccine actually puts us at greater risk of contracting the omicron variant of COVID?

New research shows that this might be exactly what is happening. And if that’s true, does that mean that the COVID mandates are going to come to a screeching halt? Unlikely. It just means that the Biden administration is fine with watching millions of people contract COVID – the very millions who have complied and gotten the vaccine and even the boosters.

The liberals who are demanding that we get the vaccine claim that they are following the science. Yet, what they really mean is that they will only follow the science that helps to support their agenda. It’s why the CDC still refuses to address natural immunity.

Remember the initial CDC mask study? Of course not. They hid that as quickly as they could because it showed that people wearing a mask only had a 1.32% health advantage over those who weren’t wearing a mask. Yet, we’re still expected to suffocate under one every day, regardless of whether we’ve been vaccinated or not.

Now, we have research coming out about the Omicron variant, which is suspected to have originated in South Africa. It’s considerably more transmissible than other variants, but it’s also showing that it’s not as deadly. Most people equate the symptoms to be similar to that of the common cold.

Data showed that the COVID vaccine was not as effective. Why? Most of the early cases of the omicron variant were in people who had already been vaccinated. And, in South Africa, those vaccinated represent a very small percentage of the population.

How does that make any sense? And if the vaccine is supposed to protect us (after all, that’s all we hear from Fauci and the CDC and Biden himself), why are the vaccinated the ones contracting omicron?

If you pay attention to the data (you know, the science), it suggests that vaccinated people are more likely to be infected by the omicron variant of COVID. That’s what the data is showing right now – but it’s still early on in the spread of this variant, so no one is looking to jump to conclusions just yet.

Now, the U.S. has considerably more people vaccinated than in South Africa. So, does that mean that there are going to be more caseloads? You better believe it.

The U.S. has approximately double the vaccination rate…and double the caseload. The death rate increased, too.

If you’re vaccinated, you’re more likely to contract the omicron variant. That’s what the science is indicating.

So, why is the Biden administration not halting the vaccine mandates? Well, because it’s never been about science. It’s about compliance. And Dr. Fauci has already covered himself for such things. During a Facebook Live Event in March 2020, he stated that vaccine development could include the possibility that it would make some people worse.

Great…so we have a variant that is actually causing those who are vaccinated to get sick. Yet, the omicron variant isn’t as fatal as the delta variant. That’s a good thing…possibly. But if the Biden administration is hoping to get the remaining people vaccinated, they won’t as soon as this science becomes public knowledge.

A new Danish study shows that there’s a negative effectiveness 90 days after being vaccinated, leading to a higher probability of being infected by Omicron. The MRNA vaccination series, such as the Pfizer and Moderna, could actually lead to people contracting COVID.

Does this mean that you should forego the booster? We don’t have the answers, but at the very least, you should know the real science. After all, you know that Biden’s not going to share it…