Candace Owens Drops Bombshell About Border Crisis in Exclusive Report

Conservative icon Candace Owens penned an exclusive editorial for The Daily Wire (behind paywall) in which she exposed what’s happening at the southern border saying it’s “far worse than we’re being told.”

“We’ve all read the headlines on the border crisis and seen the pathetic Biden administration tripping over itself trying to make us all believe it’s not as bad as the reports indicate,” Owens said at the top of her piece. “Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s far worse than the Biden-apologists in the media are telling us. And it’s been far worse than we’ve all thought for years.”

The conservative firebrand then went on to explain that she has been covering the details of immigration concerns in the United States during recent shows, but that she wanted to “dig a little deeper” on immigration and the border.

Owens then revealed that she had “reached out to a young girl I know who’s a DACA recipient and asked her if it would be possible for me to speak to her mother about how she first came into this country.”

“Despite all of the debate and statistics on immigration circulating on the internet, Americans generally don’t understand how the process takes place,” Owens said. She went on to explain how the young woman whose family she spoke to began their trip from Guatemala to the United States 13 years before and eventually crossed into this country illegally.

The young woman has since married an American and been granted a green card and with it, legal status. However, the trip was far from picturesque. According to Owens’ account, the journey began by giving $3,000 to a drug cartel member to start their “harrowing journey that would cost some of the other travelers their lives.”

Roughly 200 would-be immigrants met the cartel at a farm where they were picked up in a truck that was loaded with plastic cups, something lightweight so that it could be hollowed out. They were on that journey around 24 hours, during which they each had a bottle of water, and a bucket in the back to use as a bathroom.

At checkpoints, Mexican authorities would spray the truck with pepper spray to see if there were any illegal aliens inside and if they didn’t hear coughing they let them pass. After that, they waited for over a week with their hundreds of companions, in one house waiting for their next ride. They eventually had to walk through the desert, which took them about five days, at times running from Mexican authorities.

During their horrible journey, one man and one woman collapsed and were left by the coyotes to die while the others were herded on.

“When they reached the American border, she told me, they all breathed a sigh of relief. Once you actually hit American soil, you know you’re finally safe, she said. The threat — and consequences — of being caught is far more real on the Mexican side.

“She crossed over in Arizona, where an SUV driven by an American was waiting for her group. The traffickers proceeded to pack 24 people into that vehicle, which then drove them all to Los Angeles to a house that held hundreds of people. Now, if you find yourself, like me, doubting the story because it all sounds so surreal, I’ll point you to a recent story that came out of California, where an SUV holding 25 illegal immigrants got into a horrific crash, leaving 13 migrants dead.”

According to Owens, even once on American soil, they were made to wire another $3,000 to the traffickers for their deal to be finished. Once that happened, they were dispersed amongst various cities across the nation. This particular family was taken to Virginia where the woman had a job lined up at a pizza restaurant.

“What I am describing to you is just one person’s story among millions, and, obviously, I cannot attest to all the details of it. But the larger takeaway is that what is happening at our border is not just happening at our border. It’s happening throughout the United States. It’s beyond a crisis. It’s a network of individuals perpetuating this ongoing humanitarian crisis — on this side of the border.”

Owens then spoke to why Mexicans allow this journey to happen through their nation, saying that not only is our neighbor to the south allowing migrants she then spoke to when then-candidate Trump stood up and declared, “I’m going to build a wall,” saying that “the politicians and the news networks exploded with rage.”

“They did not want that wall built. They still don’t want that wall built. Why? It’s because illegal immigration is actually a well-run business operation that operates the most efficiently on the American side of the border. Left-wing activists and politicians are effectively sending out an invitation to migrants, offering sanctuary cities, hotel rooms, college to college, tuition, you name it. Who, we must ask, profits?

“I don’t work for the United States government. I don’t work for the CIA, or the FBI or the DOJ. I simply asked a question of one woman — and what I learned laid out an entire network of criminal behavior. If I was able to learn all of that via a one-hour conversation, do you really believe that our Justice Department and FBI don’t know what’s going on?”

According to Owens, it is obvious that the same cartels who are profiting off the human trafficking trade are controlling both the nation’s southern border and the Mexican officials.

“ It’s not a coincidence that at the very same time that tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants are walking across our border, Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to ensure that voter ID is not a requirement in this country. I think the cartels want the money, but the Democrats want the power. Me? I just want the truth.”