David Z Cheng /

One Charge Against Rittenhouse Dropped; Multiple Left To Go

As the mounting blunders by the prosecution and their ‘star witnesses’ stack up, the charges against Kyle Rittenhouse are starting to be dismissed. Off...
Avigator Fortuner /

What China Has Done Should Chill Our Military to the Bone

President Biden has been identified as weak. His threats carry absolutely no weight. All across the world, leaders are laughing at him…and it seems...
Zapp2Photo /

Biden Raids Emergency Stockpiles to Make Up for ‘Shortfalls’

If you didn’t already know, there is a major supply chain crisis going on in America. And no thanks to Democratic President Joe Biden,...
littlenySTOCK /

New York Times Goes After GOP and Parental Rights in School Curriculum

The New York Times seized an opportunity to lash out at parents who voted based on their concerns over the right that they have...
Prazis Images /

The Fault of Murder Sits with Biden as an Illegal Murders a Father.

Joe Biden and his open border policy have created too many problems for the country. The insane spikes in crime around the country and...

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