Censorship in Social Media: Step One Toward Communism

Censorship across social media platforms has been a slap in the face of the first amendment recently.

We can’t talk about anything having to do with the left without having our accounts frozen or our accounts marked with a “false” flag. If we want to talk about the possibility of the left doing something we don’t like or we want to discuss a conspiracy theory openly, we can no longer do so.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms have gotten very good at censoring.

Amazon stepped in as a web service to completely silence free speech by deleting Parler – and the platform that promised never to censor may never go live again.

Censoring us is a dangerous move in the wrong direction for America. It’s leading us toward a dark and destructive path toward Communism.

Jocko Willink, a retired NAVY SEAL and author, has been warning of totalitarianism. In episode 263 of his podcast, he’s examined how controlling language sets up the basis for controlling the minds of the people in a nation.

Willink uses such publications as Gulag Archipelago from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Nineteen Eighty-Four from George Orwell to present his case.

In the Soviet Union, it was easy to see how they started to manipulate language. Words were banned. The meaning of words was changed – and Orwell wrote about that significantly in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Willink observed that when there are manipulation and corruption of language, it becomes harder for people to comprehend the world. Language is central to humans’ cognitive abilities. If the government begins changing words, it makes it harder for us to know what’s going on – until it’s too late to do anything about it.

“We’re talking about removing the ability for human beings to express themselves properly,” Willink warned on his podcast. He warned that it’s a “scary thing” When we look at what’s happening in the country right now. When humans can no longer express themselves, it also removes the ability to think.

Anyone familiar with Nineteen Eighty-Four will know that it’s a fictional, dystopian society where the totalitarian government slowly shrinks the English language. The “official” dictionary becomes smaller with each passing year. As the English language is drastically reduced, it cripples the way that people are able to think and express themselves.

Some of the language control in this dystopian society created by Orwell is mimicking what’s happening in the United States.

It’s already gotten to a point that certain words can’t be used without immediately getting flagged. Any article that is to be circulated to the masses can’t contain such things as “BLM” or “Antifa” in the titles because the liberal media is controlling it all.

Everything we say and do on social media has to be carefully monitored to avoid being canceled.

Willink is already making contingency plans with his team in the event that “Big Tech” de-platforms his content. That’s a real possibility. With Parler already deleted, it’s proof that there’s no such thing as free speech anymore. If Amazon is able to delete a website simply because they don’t believe that there should be no censorship, no website and no podcast is safe.

Big Tech has too much power – and it seems that even the government cannot control them. Perhaps instead of fighting the Republicans and the Democrats, we should all be turning our attention on Big Tech. It appears that they’re the ones that are actually controlling our speech and, ultimately, our thoughts.

We have to ask ourselves what is next. If we’re not okay with being silenced and having our thoughts censored, what’s going to happen if we do nothing?

The next steps are very clear – Medicare for All would give the government control of the healthcare – and make it easier to control the people. Gun control would also eliminate the way for us to fight back.

We’ve seen censorship for years – but it’s becoming increasingly more obvious. If we’re not careful, we’ll be a communist country before we even realize it.