Changes to Military Enlistee Screening

The United States military is the most well-equipped force on the face of the planet. There is no other military that can match the might and bravery of these soldiers. They are fully committed to the defense and security of their home country. The military is made up of a wide range of nationalities. This is one way that the military is strong. It is diverse and the soldiers all have the same focus.

When a person enlists in the military they are taken through several checks to make sure that they are a good fit for the military. If there are any divided loyalties to other groups that hate America, they are usually not let in. But one part of the National Defense Authorization Act was changed to allow white nationalists into the military. The deceptive Democrats altered the wording so these people can now enlist in the military while hating everything that the country stands for.

The Democrats in Congress purposefully changed the wording to create a headache for the Republicans that have been looking for ways to combat the increase of white nationalists entering into the military. Now the Department of Defense must get creative with ways of screening for extremists and those that have a history of gang activity. Those that hate America can never be allowed to defend the nation. They simply cannot be trusted to follow the orders they are given.

The removal of the phrase was very shocking to some Republicans and other members of the legislature. White nationalists use the military to stock up on their weapons as they rip off the military and steal what they need to wage war in America. Federal agents took into custody a member of the Coast Guard for stealing weapons that he was planning to use in a terrorist attack.

There are white nationalist groups all over the country. One group took part in a deadly attack called the “Unite The Rally” in Virginia. These people have found a way to pilfer what they need from the very force that defends their way of life. The term white nationalist was imperative to the wording of the bill. Its removal only opens the door for more of the terrorists to enter the military and start stealing more weapons. There is not much that can stop them if they have the right people in place when it comes time to steal what they need.

Someone with an agenda to attack the country was successful in changing the wording of the bill. The Democrats are the ones that hate the country and really would like to see trouble for president and the Republicans. It makes sense that one of them removed the wording as the House and Senate merged two versions of the same bill. With the removal of the phrase, it appears that the legislature is not taking the issue seriously, but that just is not the case with the Republican party.

Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma stated that the white nationalists had “successfully enlisted in our military to gain access to combat training and weaponry.” They cannot get the type of weaponry that they need to wage war from the local gun store. They only join the military to get trained and to have access to the weapons. The idiotic Democrats want people to believe that they do not want them in the military. But the truth is that the Democrats want the white nationalist in the military, so they can be blamed for the trouble that they are causing.

White nationalists hate America. They seek to destroy people of color and seek to kill people that do not join them. They cause terrorist attacks and hurt people wherever they turn up. President Trump has had to fight them on several fronts, but he has been victorious in the crackdown on this evil group. The United States military is the best in the world because the people that serve are the best. White nationalists and other anti-American groups can never be allowed to serve because they do not fight for others but only themselves.