Chicago Teacher Union Threatening Drastic Action to Keep Kids in School


As more than 25,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union are refusing to return to work the Chicago Teachers Union will vote Tuesday as to whether they will head back to the classrooms and away from the streets.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that recent studies have shown that it is extremely rare for children to contract or spread COVID-19 and that schools can safely. Also stating that the shutdowns and online learning are not something that students can recover from repetitively as grades suffered gravely during the spring lockdown of 2020 having an everlasting effect on the students long term.

Per the Chicago Sun-Times, Mayor Lori Lightfoot says that the one thing we’ve learned from this pandemic is that schools are the safest places for children at this time, adding that all the CPS staff members are vaccinated and she goes on to inform us that they have spent over $100 million to put mitigations in place.

Lightfoot also says that we need to keep the kids safe so they can learn and thrive and that is her main focus right now, as should it be everyone else’s as well. What they don’t seem to care about is where do these children go? Parents can’t just phone it in like the union workers, leaving some of these children totally unattended, yet again.

Especially when we have immunized all the teachers and masked these children much to our chagrin even after Omicron has all but ripped through this country at such alarming rates speculating we now may have herd immunity. It’s too bad the rest of society is subjected to having to actually show up for work. Apparently, no one ever told Chicago teachers how it works when you are an employee.

While they seem to act like gangsters doing whatever they please as the mood strikes it seems as if the infamous Chicago Teachers Union thinks there should be no exception to the self-governing set of rules they choose to live by. We should probably just be ever so thankful our healthcare workers aren’t demanding to be able to phone while they’re working as well, because those in the industry know best, according to Chicago’s teachers.

As Christmas break comes to an end the bulk of the nation’s schools will be back in session by the end of the week, except for Chicago, they’re going on strike. Where they’ll probably protest about it because you know COVID being so contagious and all. And with the way the last two years have gone, it’ll probably be in person.

You know you can’t catch COVID when you’re protesting quite as you can when you’re teaching a bunch of kids. Because it’s kind of like when you enter a restaurant, you can catch covid but if you sit down and eat, and just like that, you’re immune. Yeah, so, basically the same thing.

All over a scratchy throat and the mildest version we’ve seen since the beginning on COVID?

One would have to say the most comical as well as a frustrating thing about this scenario is that while 18% of the Covid tests that were administered came back positive, we should probably be more concerned about the fact that 35,851 tests were given and of 24,989 came back invalid.

WBEZ reported, CPS provided a large sum of COVID at-home test kits for the students. However, the parents who did complete the tests were told they couldn’t analyze them at this time. An email was sent out to the parents saying because of the holiday-related shipping issues and current weather conditions the tests could not be processed within the 48-hour window.

Meanwhile, there is a shortage of testing kits and to add insult to injury, CPS reported that out of the 150,000 tests that were made available to the parents of the children, less than 50,00 were submitted.

Who knows anymore? Clearly, it’s not us.