China is Upset About America’s Checks and Balances

By Lightspring/
By Lightspring/

China has been extremely vocal about not liking anything about the United States, including the democracy that we established hundreds of years ago. They would much rather see us take a repressive approach as they have done.

Americans don’t need rights, right?

According to a recent publication, America has too many checks and balances.

Well, it’s probably a good thing that we do. Without those “annoying” checks and balances, Biden would have driven us into complete and utter chaos at this point. And, the Democrats would have spent all of our money, sending us into a bigger deficit than we’re already in.

But, the checks and balances also prevent us from being the country that China wants us to be. And for that, we should never apologize.

Why is China suddenly publishing a report announcing the death of American democracy due to “too many checks and balances?” Well, it’s likely because Biden didn’t invite the repressive regime to the upcoming “Summit for Democracy.”

The summit is a gathering of world leaders who will discuss, as the State Department explains, “an affirmative agenda for democratic renewal and to tackle the greatest threats faced by democracies today through collective action.”

How does any of this sound like something that China is interested in? They don’t have a democracy, therefore, they don’t get an invitation. It should be quite simple. The U.S. wouldn’t expect an invite if they were to hold a summit on the renewal of communism, either.

Here’s the kicker, though. Taiwan was invited…and that’s what China is really upset about. The whole reason the U.S. doesn’t formally recognize Taiwan as a country is that the Chinese Communist Party is insistent that Taiwan is a rogue country…which, of course, it isn’t.

The “State of Democracy in the United States” is a 30-page document that has been published by China’s Foreign Ministry. They basically bitch and moan about the democracy that is in the United States and warn other parts of the world to stop admiring the American political system.

There are quite a few issues that Beijing has with the U.S. within the document, ranging from wealth inequality to rampant racism. These are quite laughable, too, considering that they also exist inside of China. But here’s their latest issue: checks and balances.

In the U.S., we have three arms of the government that offers a check to ensure that no one abuses power: judicial, legislative, and executive.

China can’t even begin to fathom this kind of “check” of power because Xi Jinping is the dictator. He holds all of the power, and he’ll abuse that power as he sees fit.

The Foreign Ministry essentially accuses the United States of political paralysis by claiming that “The U.S. political system has far too many checks and balances, raising the cost of collective action and in some cases making it impossible altogether.”

We’ll take our democracy because China stands as the stark reminder of what we could become if we’re not careful. If we let our checks and balances slip, we could end up with a dictator, repressive rule, and a scoring system to determine if we have been good enough Commies to even be granted a train ticket inside of the country.

No thanks.

Yet, the real laugh comes from the Global Times, claiming that “China’s recent actions also help the international community to clear the clouds and show what true democracy is. As the beacon of US democracy is dimming, the democratic practices in China are dazzling with brilliance.”

Ahh, yes. The democratic practices of China. Yeah, right.