China’s Arresting Christians…and Dems are Taking Notes

Democrats want to pretend as though they want to get rid of the criminal justice system. However, that’s only for the illegal migrants. Americans who don’t agree with them can be locked up – and plenty of high-ranking Democrats have talked about reasons to lock Americans up for disobeying.

As Communist China works to lock Christians up, Democrats are taking note.

Recently, a Christian bible study was taking place in a private residence in southwest China. Police raided it, arresting at least 10.

Why? They were practicing a religion that is not tolerated by Communist China. Chinese state security forces have prevented people from participating in religious activities.

Only five religions are allowed to operate in China: Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, Catholicism, and Christianity.

Wait, then why are these people being locked up if they were practicing Christianity?

Although it’s technically allowed, the Communist Party has become increasingly more hostile toward Chinese Christians. Essentially, they’re breaking their own laws just because they want to.

This should sound familiar.

The Democrats are increasingly breaking the laws of the U.S. just because it suits them. Although the Constitution grants us freedom of speech, an entire social media network was taken down because people were speaking too freely. The Constitution also grants us freedom of religion yet we’re not allowed to talk about it in school and the government wants to dictate such things as marriage and abortion.

As the Democrats continue to move the country closer and closer to socialism with communism knocking close behind, it’s no surprise that they’re breaking rules.

It’s only a matter of time before they start throwing more people in jail. Forget about people being “canceled.” Instead of being blocked on social media, you’ll be arrested and thrown in jail.

The Democrats have created a dangerous double standard. Illegal aliens can commit all of the crimes they want without having to worry about going to jail. Minorities can commit crimes in the name of social justice and not have to worry about being charged with crimes.

However, if a Republican dares to rise up and say something that angers the liberals, it ends up with prison sentences.

The Democrats have been watching what China does carefully for some time now. What China does usually ends up with one of the Far Left Democrats suggesting that we do the same.

Surveillance? China does it better than anyone. And plenty of Democrats have decided that they need to watch Americans more closely to “protect” us from ourselves.

Prosecution for religion? That’s coming faster than many of us can blink. The liberals want to scream and shout about acceptance and tolerance. If we don’t want our daughters competing with biological males on the soccer field, too bad. If we don’t want our children being read stories by drag queens, too bad. Forget about whether it goes against our religion or our moral compass. We’re supposed to nod and obey like good little commies.

Where’s that same acceptance and tolerance on their side, though? If we’re going to be about equality, shouldn’t they also be open to the fact that some people want to stand for the pledge of allegiance? What about fighting for religious freedom? Changes in school curriculum to avoid being taught about evolution?

Oh, no. It’s all become very one-sided. The liberals want to make the demands – and if we go against what they’re trying to shove down our throats, they’ll throw us in jail.

China has already taken such actions. With China moving to throw people in jail simply because of a peaceful Bible study taking place inside of someone’s home, it shows that intolerance is growing.

The only question now is how long will it take for China’s intolerance to reach the U.S.? There’s a far-left Democrat just itching to pose new legislation that will lock up members of the GOP for anything…