Chuck Schumer Loses Big Time As Senate Fails To Pass Biden’s Horrible Bill

Ron Adar/
Ron Adar/

Joe Biden is living through yet another deflating moment in his failed career as president. His pressure to pass the Build Back Batter Bill has received nothing but push back and has led to infighting within his party. The trojan horse bill has nothing but selfish agenda items from everyone that calls themselves a Democrat. And if they cannot get their agenda items in the bill, they start fighting among themselves.

Biden and his team of demons have been trying to push the bill through the Senate for months. And they have failed every single time. The bill is the heart of Biden’s plan for America. He cannot build his monster agenda laced with poisonous socialism without it. For a year, he has tried to get the moderates in his party to get on board with his plan, but they are not willing to sacrifice America to fill Biden’s greed.

The Daily Wire found that NBC was doing its best to report anything positive about the big letdown for Biden. The Daily Wire noted that they stated, “[Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)] is likely to push a vote on the Build Back Better plan until next year, according to four sources familiar with the leaders’ plans.”

The four sources that have yet to be identified are simply anything that they can find to use to fuel their hopes for another try in the coming months. But as long as Biden’s bill is laced with socialism, it will never make it to his desk for signing.

Joe Manchin is the continual thorn in his side. And as long as the old man continues to ignore the people of America, Manchin will stand against him. The Democrats love to act like a unified party, but they are fractured to the core. They all have their aspirations and have been taught not to compromise with anyone.

Without Manchin, there is no hope that the slim majority will win out. And good old Chuck Schumer cannot admit that Biden is defeated, so he keeps telling his media slaves that there is still hope in 2022. After all, it is a new year coming up, and the way it looks, the Democrats will lose the House and any hope of passing Biden’s terrible bill.

The liberals tell that the bill would fix health care, education, and many other staples of America. They want to provide all the services for free that were once implemented in socialist countries. But those programs killed the country and took inflation through the roof. The fix they want to put in place turns the country into a socialist nightmare.

Without Manchin, Biden has no hope of bringing his bill back from the grave. The Democrats still have not even come to an agreement that would give everyone what they want in the bill. They are still fighting over the mess that they want to create.

The Daily Wire also pointed out that NBC tried to cover for Biden when they said, “The decision is also in part because Senate Democrats haven’t finished negotiating the bill. Provisions on state and local taxes and the methane rule remain undecided. Senate Democrats also haven’t finished clearing all the procedural hurdles necessary to hold a vote.”

The Democrats cannot get their act together to accomplish much of anything. They still need Republican help but are unwilling to compromise to get what they want. They would rather cut everyone out so they look like the heroes.

The cost of the bill is the backbreaker for Manchin. He cannot justify the massive cost of the bill that would destroy the economy within a few short years. Biden has not provided a reliable plan to pay for his wish list. Instead, he would look at private bank accounts and take money from hardworking people.

When Chuck Schumer mentions that he is working on a new path, what he means is he is looking for a way around the rules. His party favors changing the rules so they can start pushing through every bill of insanity without having to face Republican opposition.