Cities Called on by Liberals to Riot Wallace’s Death

Democratic supporters are getting violent once again ahead of the election that is just a few days away. Their liberal supports have issued secret orders to protest and riot wherever they can.

The past few weeks have proven to be a dry spell for violent liberals. But the death of Walter Wallace Jr. gave them all a reason to crawl out of their holes.

Philadelphia was the first city to see a violent crowd. The memo then went out to rioters in New York City and Portland for them to join in on the crime wave. In all of these cities, the rioters attacked police, damaged personal property, and tried to hurt people who had nothing to do with Wallace’s death.

It got so bad in Brooklyn that the New York Police Department had to state that “Due to protest activity in downtown Brooklyn, expect vehicular traffic & a large presence of emergency personnel in the area. Consider alternate routes and allow for additional travel time.”

The rioters marched through the streets, setting trash cans on fire, burning the American flag, and smashing vehicles. Their actions were then uploaded to social media as if to prove that they had obeyed their liberal masters.

The rioters’ chant was for them to “Burn the precinct to the ground, every city, every town!” The police that was left on the force in each of the liberal run cities responded and were able to push them back into their holes.

Some police officers were injured when one attacker took their car and tried to run over the police. The cops had to converge on the vehicle and attempt to get the driver under control.

Thirty more rioters were placed in jail to wait for their time in court in New York alone. Protestors in Portland stage a three-way riot attack that involved over 100 people. The crowd in Portland cried out the dead man’s name as if to give him a hero’s burial.

Walter Wallace was not a hero. He was a mad man that was threatening people around his home. He was a threat to the officers that showed up to help him. He was ordered to drop the knife, or there would consequences. When he came out, the police is when they fired the shots that killed him. Had he obeyed, Wallace would still be alive today.

One of the three groups was the Black Lives Matter group. They marched to the police commissioners’ home and threatened him with violence. They wanted Dan Ryan to defund the police more in Portland. The rioters demanded, “Dan Ryan, don’t be a villain. Defund PPB by 18 million.”

The third group was told to be “mindful of those who live in this community. Do not engage in criminal behavior to include obstructing vehicular traffic and vandalizing private property. We ask you to encourage those who are engaged in criminal behavior to stop.”

They call on leaders to defund the police are only made by the selfish people looking to live lives of crime. They do not want anyone around that has the ability to put a stop to their criminal behaviors.

The officers that killed Wallace had every right to defend their own lives. Wallace came at them with the intention of stabbing them to death. Video evidence clearly shows that Wallace was the aggressive one in the encounter. But the rioters do not care about the truth. They only want to riot and loot things to satisfy their selfish greed.

Democrats want a country that lives in chaos and stands divided. They do not support the police agencies around the country. And they certainly do not uphold the Constitution.

President Trump is the candidate that supports law and order. He alone supports the freedoms that so many Americans have died to protect for everyone else. The protestors can only act the way they because of the men and women that gave their lives to protect the United States. It is a shame that they have forgotten what it means to be an American and live in the greatest country in the world.