City is Training White Employees to Work on ‘Undoing Their Whiteness’

Breathe in the equality and exhale white guilt. As if the city of Seattle hasn’t made the headlines enough with their liberal views, they’re now subjecting employees to training to “undo their own whiteness.”

We wish we were kidding. Just as the city clears out CHOP and realizes that defunding the police is a bad idea, they’re willing to give in yet again.

This isn’t suggested training, either. White employees are being forced to take these courses. The actual name of the training is, “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.”

Wow. To put it simply, the city of Seattle is making the broad assumption that every white government employee believes that they are racially superior and that they are “too white.”

For a city that is pushing equality, this is one of the most ignorant things that they could possibly do. They find it perfectly acceptable to call out every white employee and push them through this training. If that’s not creating more of a racial divide…

Christopher Rufo, the Director of Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty calls Seattle home. He has blown up Twitter with talk of this class being offered.

He explains some of the thought exercises, where trainers ask the white employees to let go of some of the things that they believe are innate within white people – things such as “comfort” and “guaranteed physical safety.” Where they come up with these things is anyone’s guess.

How does one define who is white and who is not? Well, there’s a datasheet identified as “Assimilation into Whiteness.” Those who are of German, Armenian, Italian, Irish, Finnish, Jewish and Arab descent aren’t getting out of the training.

Here’s the scary part. When you’ve officially “interrupted your whiteness” you have stopped “white normative behavior” and “other white people may be angry.”

Umm, what? So, it sounds like the training is designed to get everyone angry and upset. Why is every white person being accused of racism? Why is it that white people have to change the moral fibers of who we are?

Christopher Rufo shows a chart that is included in the training, talking about internalized racial oppression. As he points out, though, white people seem to be screwed no matter what. He tweets: “Sometimes both sides of the coin are “oppression.” Are white employees speaking too much? That’s probably the internalized racial superiority of “imposition” or “paternalism.” Are white employees speaking too little? That’s oppression, too, because “silence” is “violence.”

The training is terrifying as you start to read all of the documentation that goes along with it. There’s even a section that identifies practices for the self, including an affirmation of “Racism is not our fault but we are responsible.” Who came up with this? Clearly, this must be the doing of a BLM leader who wants every white person to hate themselves by the time the training is done.

When did it become okay to punish white people for the sins of their ancestors? This is all about how white people were once slave owners – and anyone who says different is part of the problem. The country that allowed slavery is no longer the country we live in. The civil war cleared that up for us.

Where is this oppression? Where is this anger? White people were responsible for voting in a black president. White people have voted in black mayors, governors, and members of Congress.

The violence that occurs in the country is not all directed by white people toward black people. If there was, then this training would be called for. However, the FBI expanded homicide charts to show that there’s more black on black violence than anything. Then, there’s more white on white violence. If anything, this shows that white people hate white people more than black people. The cross-race violence is practically nonexistent – and there’s no benefit to trying to rewrite the statistics to prove otherwise.

The training is insensitive and over the top, yet Seattle has clearly not learned from their mistakes of the past few weeks.