Collaborating with Russia Already?

We already know that there are plenty of Democrats just waiting to jump on the socialism train. We just didn’t know that the train would be arriving in the station quite as soon as it has.

Biden’s been nothing but a lying dog-faced pony soldier, to take a name out of his own book. He’s made promises that he’s all about what’s right for the U.S. economy – and that includes claiming that he wants to protect capitalism.

Does he, though?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his congratulations to Joe Biden on winning the presidential election. He’s made it clear that he is hoping to put the differences of the past aside and is “ready for collaboration and contacts.”

Collaboration? Exactly what does Putin think that the U.S. would want to collaborate on with Russia? World domination? An immediate gateway where we skip right past socialism and jump headfirst into communism?

No thank you, sir.

On one ever says that they are ready to collaborate unless they’ve been told that collaboration is a possibility. So, what has Biden and his team been whispering to Russia that would give Putin such crazy ideas?

The Democratic Party has always loved to point the fingers at Trump to say “Collusion! Collusion!” It appears that’s been a way to set up some smoke and mirrors. The Dems have been working with Putin all along to make sure that Biden gets into office so that the collaborative efforts can begin.

Oh, it’s only a matter of time before Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian connections come into play, too. Maybe Hunter and Joe can manage to make a few million for themselves in a new deal. Wouldn’t that be grand?

Putin is notably one of the last world leaders to offer congratulations. Why is that? From the very start, Putin has said that he will hang back and watch how the U.S. elections play out. He knew that Trump was fighting some of the votes, so there was no reason to congratulate Biden on anything until it was official. It proves that Putin knows how the U.S. government works – and that also shows that he’s a dangerous one to work with.

Of course, many officials in Moscow have also criticized the election process in the United States, referring to them as archaic and not representative of what the people really want.

This is coming from a country that once made people get in line to receive bread. Well, thanks, we’ll take your opinions under advisement.

According to Putin, he’s eager to work with Biden because he feels that Russia and the U.S. “bear special responsibility” when it comes to global stability and security. What exactly does that mean? There’s no saying – but it would mean that Biden would need to take a meeting with Putin to find out.

Oh, so Biden will meet with Putin – likely a few times to find out exactly what the Russian president has in mind in terms of how to solve so many of the problems facing the world.

Cool, so it’s okay if Biden meets with Putin a few times a year but the Democrats lose their minds when Trump does it? You can almost smell the hypocrisy in the air. And that’s what the next four years are going to be filled with. They’ll constantly be guilty of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Becoming close allies with Russia is a slippery slope. Sure, it prevents another Cold War, but do we really want to be friends with a communist nation? What’s next, China? Well, there we have it – if we collaborate with Russia, it’s going to bring us that much closer to China. Then, AOC and the rest of the progressives can shove the country toward socialism – and life as we know it will be over.

How about we just say “not interested” when it comes to collaborating with Putin and the rest of Russia?