Communist China Strikes Back at the U.S. For Trying to Ruin Their Reputation…

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Considering how China continues to torture, gang rape, and enslave Uyghur Muslims, the communist nation has no right to accuse the US of willfully creating humanitarian disasters. But they have.

By the US coming to the aid of people worldwide who are forced to live under oppressive conditions, China claims our military presence leaves undue hardship in the wake of its path.

The China Society for Human Rights Studies said that US military invasions earmarked under the category of “humanitarian intervention” cause more problems than they solve. Not only do these wars cause large numbers of military casualties but they often spell total disaster for civilians in terms of property damage, injuries, and death.

In a recent report, the group stated the following; “The selfishness and hypocrisy of the United States have also been fully exposed through these foreign wars.” The report then lists a number of incidences where they claim the US was overly aggressive.

It lists the 1947 intervention in Greece, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Kosovo, and the Persian Gulf as prime examples. For good measure, they even tossed in our governments’ opposition to the ruling forces in Venezuela.

The report goes on to say, “Choosing to use force irrespective of the consequences reveals the hegemonic aspirations of the United States. Only by discarding the hegemonic thinking, which is chiefly motivated by self-interest, can we prevent humanitarian intervention from becoming humanitarian disasters.”

Washington and Beijing aren’t getting along very well these days so retaliatory accusations such as these are to be expected. Anything to divert attention away from what they are, in actuality, guilty of.

It all began with the ongoing spat over Taiwan. Then things escalated when the US slapped new sanctions on China for their abhorrent behavior in Hong Kong, and in Xinjiang where their slaves are housed. Then there is that little scuffle taking place in the South China Sea.

Have you noticed how the US is damaging Communist China with sanctions rather than with military force? Our nation only sends in the troops when it’s absolutely necessary, which is in direct contradiction of the report.

Since Biden took office there have not been many changes in the relationship between China and the US outside of a marked increase in negative rhetoric from Bejing in anticipation of the new administration tightening the sanctions even more. Trump always left a little wiggle room for negotiations. Biden – not so much.

And this is exactly why the Chinese are lashing out.

China is claiming the whole slave thing is malarky and they’re saying the US is intentionally attempting to damage their reputation. They struck back by placing visa bans on US officials who weren’t welcome in their country, to begin with. Ouch.

Since this plan didn’t work so well, they’ve resorted to using words. Stick and stones and all of that…

Things are about to get rougher for China as new bipartisan legislation is being prepared concerning how to deal with the commies going forward. State Department spokesperson Ned Price said the Biden administration is “heartened that there is a good deal of bipartisan agreement when it comes to how we should and could approach the government in Beijing.”

During an initial meeting with Chinese officials last month, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin got raked over the coals in response to US sanctions over the repression of Uighur Muslims being held in captivity.

Though the new legislation may show bipartisan support, it’s the Dems who are spearheading it. This would have never made it past Donald Trumps’ desk. Tightening the reigns to the point of affixation is a hawkish thing to do, and it doesn’t come without high risks.

While China is complaining about the use of US military power where and when it is needed, with Biden at the helm, we’re hoping they don’t need to witness a first-hand display of exactly what our hardened troops are capable of.

But… we’re a nation of humanitarians, and as such, regardless of what China may accuse us of, we’ll keep saving the downtrodden souls of the world every chance we get. It’s just who we are.