Congrats, US Companies are Actually Helping China Right Now

By rawf8/
By rawf8/

China is our enemy. It’s something that we have to remember. If we forget, it can lead us down a path that we may never be able to return from. After all, they’re the ones building an army of unthinkable size and taunting the rest of the world with it. 

We have grown too dependent on China for a number of different things. And, this is a problem because they are the enemy. With relations seeming to become more strained with each passing day, all it will take is for China to pull back on the things that we depend on them for. And, when they do that, where does it leave us?

Yet, in order to turn profits and to run their businesses, too many U.S. companies will actually help China. The question is, do they even know what they are doing?

We already know that the computer chip industry is struggling to manufacture what is needed to produce cars and other types of machinery. The U.S. chip industry along with venture capital firms have decided that they would invest in China’s chip sector.

We’re just handing business over to China. And by doing so, the Wall Street Journal warns that we’re not only endangering “America’s top global position” but we’re also threatening our national security.

We have to stop giving China so much power over our country. Yet, the U.S. chip industry and venture capitalists are staring at the bottom line, not at the big picture.

Between 2017 and 2020, there were 58 investment deals made with China’s semiconductor industry. It is problematic because we’re allowing China to get the one-up on us. And by giving them all of our business, they control supply as well as pricing.

Intel Corp, for example, is a major chip company in the U.S. Only, they’re not really just in the U.S. considering that they are supporting a Chinese company by the name of Primaries Technologies Co. They are creating the chips that American companies sell.

Walden International is another company that has made heavy investments with Chinese companies that deal in semiconductors.

This is going to come back to haunt us.

After all, semiconductors are used not only for computers and vehicles but also AI-based robotics, smartphones, and more. They’re hard to get right now because of COVID. And the shortage is likely to continue.

If we keep depending on China, we’re never really going to get ahead. And if China decides to pull back and stop trading with the U.S., we have completely destroyed our ability to manufacture virtually anything for ourselves.

Michael Wessel, the US-China Econ & Security Review Commissioner pointed out in a tweet that “Semiconductor chip shortage in US. Congress poised to support more than $50 billion in investments and WSJ reports on US firms increasing their investments in China to support CCP policies. Time to review outbound investment.”

Well, if we were wondering if the Dems wanted to somehow support Communist China, we’re looking at the roundabout way in which they will do so.

And to say that we should be concerned is an understatement.