Conservative Parents Make an Impact in Texas


Conservative parents have been silenced around the nation. Liberals want to make the decisions for kids – and they assume that parents will simply go along with it all.

Conservative parents have seen Critical Race Theory (CRT) enter the classrooms. They’ve seen how transgender and nonbinary issues have been addressed with their kids. And they’ve been forced to smother their kids with masks just so that they can get an education.

No more. Conservative parents are fighting back, even if some of the liberal school boards want to enlist the help of the Justice Department and label them as domestic terrorists.

In Texas, parents are finally getting a much-needed win.

It’s important to pay close attention to school board elections that were held for four school districts throughout Fort Worth. The candidates that were backed by a conservative parents’ organization won all 10 seats – and at least three incumbents were unseated in the process.

There’s been a lot going on that has caused parents to get more involved. In the past, school board elections passed by with little more than a yawn from the general population. This time around, parents felt that it was time they had a louder voice.

It’s not surprising considering that there have been so many liberal issues – CRT, COVID, and the sexual exploitation of our youth. These are enough for any parent to stand up and get involved.

We’ve seen what happens when liberals get their way. Loudoun County, Virginia is a great example – and students were exposed to all sorts of progressive agendas before parents finally got involved.

School boards love to portray themselves as being nonpartisan. We know this to be a load of bull. We’ve seen too often how the liberal agendas slip their way into the curriculum, into the shelves of the school libraries, and more.

Students should be taught the basics – reading, writing, math, and history. Unfortunately, there are too many liberals who want to ruin that. They want to claim that math is racist and that history is incorrect.

And if parents don’t get involved, there’s no telling what kind of education students will graduate with. If we’re to prepare this new generation with the knowledge they need to succeed, we have to extinguish the liberal agenda now before it’s too late.

And that’s exactly what the parents of Fort Worth, Texas have done. They went out to the polls. They voted, one by one, to ensure that there were conservatives in place. It would protect their kids from being taught to judge a person by the color of their skin and to ensure they weren’t being taught about gender orientation and sexual identity at a young age.

As RedState reported, “The cretins the left slips into school board slots can only do so because they aren’t exposed.”

They’ve been exposed – at least within the four districts in Fort Worth that held elections. And much of this can be credited to the conservative parents’ organization – Southlake Families. As their website identifies, they are “unapologetically rooted in Judeo-Christian values.”

The organization has noticed that there are many districts in Texas that have a CCAP (Cultural Competence Action Plan) and that it is NOT the answer to the racism that we face in the U.S. Their website explains that “The disagreement over CCAP is not whether bullying or racism should be addressed and dealt with appropriately, but whether CCAP, an overreaching and highly political plan seeking to indoctrinate children according to extremely liberal beliefs, is the answer.”

Parents have voted in Texas to say that CCAP is most certainly NOT the answer.

Now, let’s hope more organizations surface around the U.S. to put an end to the overreaching liberal plans that are being created.