Coronavirus is How Democrats Are Controlling People–Don’t Fall for It!

Democrats love power, and they will do anything to get it. Their vision of government is so broad that it spans into private homes. They want to be able to dictate what and how people eat their meals. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that in the states with liberals rulers, that Thanksgiving and Christmas are being canceled because they believe COVID-19 is still a threat.

The Founding Fathers had wisdom that certainly surpasses any liberal today. They lived during a time when liberal monarchy threatened a person’s way of living. They ousted their version of liberals and set up a system of government that would be able to fight the threat of big government and abuses of power.

The lying Democrats are very much like the tyrannical rulers of England in the 1700s. They took what they wanted and killed everyone that stood in their way. The liberals today hide their murderous deeds under the cloak of COVID-19. They have made it their baby to cuddle with as they take control of individual freedoms.

The Republicans have left one’s personal care and religious decisions up to the people. Those are the foundation beliefs that America is founded on. Mask mandates and lockdowns are the trademarks of the Democrats. Deep within their psycho beliefs lies the drunkenness of power that they so desire. And they see COVID-19 as the vehicle that will get them that power they lust after.

The Founding Fathers knew that greed and power would soon arise. They put in place a check and balance system of government that would keep it away. But COVID-19 seems to have paralyzed that system. The Democrats raised to the starting line and were quick to try to take over people by pushing fear of an unknown virus on them.

Their quick acceptance of leadership has led some to think that they devised the virus along with the Chinese for the sole purpose of destroying America. It seems odd that just about every key witness to the virus’s development is either dead or missing from China.

President Trump knew something was terribly wrong as the virus made its way around the world. So, he made it possible for a vaccine to be developed within months. A treatment that would go on to save thousands of lives. A normal vaccine takes several years to develop. But the president cut out the red tape and got it done within months.

What is alarming is that Democrats such as Cuomo of New York and others tell people that they cannot trust the vaccine because a Republican spearheaded the project. They really see the conservatives as people trying to destroy the country. The Democrats are the real threat to freedom. They are just too blind to see their own arrogance.

Gavin Newsom and his band of liberal governors refuse to see the truth behind the 99.8 percent survival rate of COVID-19. All of them tell the citizens to hide under their beds for another month and avoid eating out. And while the nation hides, they go out and party like rick overlords ruling an impoverished territory.

There is nothing American about being a Democrat. Their version of the ruling is exceptionally different than what the Founding Fathers set up. The American Revolution heroes would have already branded the Democrats as traitors and forced them to leave.

Even the Affordable Care Act was a violation of freedom. The Democrats fined people for not signing up. They took away the freedom to choose. And the entire time, they did not require it for themselves. Anyone in politics did not have to buy into the illegal health care bill.

The Democrats are all about control. The healthcare bill, mask mandates, and lockdowns all have the same theme. They want power, and they want it now. The virus gave them their opportunity, and they took advantage of it.

President Trump sounded the alarm when he took the election to court. And now it is time for the president to have the full support of the people. The Democrats want power, and they should not be allowed to have any amount of it.