Court Sides With Freedom and Hands Biden Yet Another Loss

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Joe Biden and the rest of the nutty Democrats are frothing at the mouth because they cannot seem to get their toe in the door to force Republican-run states to enforce the vaccine mandate. They have tried just about everything to coerce and force people to give up their right to choose. Even under the threat of losing a job has not been enough to get people to roll up their sleeves and get poked in the arm.

The Republicans and others have taken the old man to court and have been successful on multiple fronts of having injunctions put in place to stop the enforcement of the vaccine’s rollout. Biden himself has begged the Supreme Court to overturn the injunctions so he can have an addiction fix of power. But even that cry for help has failed miserably.

The state of Florida has been ground zero for many cases against Biden. Ron DeSantis has promised and delivered to protect people from being subjected to Biden’s socialism. Floridians have been able to keep their jobs since the governor has protected them from federal overreach.

And now it seems that Biden is in for another massive hit. A higher-up federal judge found that Biden cannot force federal contractors working in Florida are not subject to the vaccine mandate. Biden cannot force them to get the shot before resuming their work. Steven Merryday is the federal judge that smacked down Biden’s overreach of power. His opinion was over 38-pages lengthy and blasted away at the old man’s attempt to rob people of their freedom to choose an option.

One after another, judges agree that Biden cannot continue to force people to get the vaccine against their will. Merryday stated that the claims Biden is making about the virus are unfounded. There is no basis for the claims that he is making regarding contractors spreading the virus around by showing up to work. And there certainly has never been any evidence that they are increasing the risk by being in the area.

Merryday wrote that “In other words, the extent of any procurement problem, past or future, attributable to COVID-19 is undemonstrated and is merely a hastily manufactured but unproven hypothesis about recent history and contrived speculation about the future. Obviously, no massive extension and expansion of presidential power is necessary to cure a non-existent problem and certainly neither ‘good cause’ nor ‘urgent and compelling circumstances’ exists to justify summary disregard of the requirements of administrative law and rulemaking.”

Joe Biden doesn’t like the act that Ron DeSantis stands in his way of dominating Florida. But from day one of the federal overreach of power, the governor has promised to protect people’s rights. And that is precisely what he has done. But the president cannot fathom that he has no power over the states. And that is what is trying to establish through the courts.

The president needs the courts to side with him. But he is finding out that it is not as easy as he thinks. The Constitution prohibits the kind of abuses Biden wants to pour out on the people.

Biden’s lawyers failed miserably to get Merryday to overturn the lawsuit from Florida. The liberals tried to buffalo their way through the case by stating the state did not have a leg to stand on in the lawsuit. But that strawman argument failed because it is not up to them to decide if the evidence is present to prove their case. That decision is best left up to the judge.

The president has done a great job dividing the country with his pandemic-related nonsense. He pushes mask mandates and vaccination requirements on people that do not need to comply. Most people are immune to the virus and the variants because they have already had them. There is no reason why Biden needs to force them to vaccinate and waste the shot. The vaccine should be sent to people who need it instead of forcing it on people who do not need it.