Covert Chinese Agent Found to be Ex-CIA Operative

China is the world’s worst kept secret. For whatever reason, they still feel the need to try and covertly recruit special agents within the United States to steal secret information about various technologies that seem to be just outside of their understanding.

China’s hired operatives have a short career as Alexander Yuk Ching Ma found out when he was arrested for working for and spying for China.

Ma was sending secret information to China when he was arrested. The Assistant Attorney General for National Security is John C. Demers.

He stated in disgust that “The trail of Chinese espionage is long and, sadly, strewn with former American intelligence officers who betrayed their colleagues, their country and its liberal democratic values to support an authoritarian communist regime.”

China prances around acting like no one knows what they are up to. But the truth of the matter is that they are horrible at spying. They just cannot seem to get anything right. They are bad at trade negotiations, scientific discovery, and now spying.

Ma is a 67-year old person that was allowed to become a U.S. citizen. His betrayal is beyond understanding. He turned his back on his country that gave him a bright and new future.

Demers stated that “This betrayal is never worth it. Whether immediately, or many years after they thought they got away with it, we will find these traitors and we will bring them to justice. To the Chinese intelligence services, these individuals are expendable. To us, they are sad but urgent reminders of the need to stay vigilant.”

Ma was used by the Chinese and then left to rot in prison. Ma did top work for the CIA in the past. He knew his duty to protect the secrets of America. But his love for money got the best of him as he sold out to America’s enemies.

Ma must have thought he was untouchable living all the way out in the Pacific Ocean on the Island of Hawaii. U.S. Attorney Kenji Price proved him wrong as charges were brought against Ma. Price stated that “The charges announced today are a sobering reminder to our communities in Hawaii of the constant threat posed by those who seek to jeopardize our nation’s security through acts of espionage.”

Ma has turned out to be a traitor to the highest caliber. He purposefully opened up America to possible threats and attacks from a rival nation. His betrayal extends to the people that he worked with and trusted his life while serving this country.

Price mentioned that “Of particular concern are the criminal acts of those who served in our nation’s intelligence community, but then choose to betray their former colleagues and the nation-at-large by divulging classified national defense information to China. My office will continue to tenaciously pursue espionage cases.”

Ma and his evil associate had been working for a decade to take secrets. The Department of Justice rightly took down Ma and his associate when it was discovered. They started by relaying information about the CIA’s operations and how they communicate. They were pre-planning their path to taking the information.

These criminals think they are so smart by devising their plans that they think no one else has ever done. But he was discovered early on and so the surveillance of Ma started. In one instance, there was a video of him taking at least $50,000 for handing over some secrets.

Ma purposely applied for a job at the FBI to put himself in a position to gain access to sensitive information. He schemed to steal and photograph information that he could pass along to his contacts.

But sadly, he ran into an undercover FBI agent that was watching him and he just could not keep his big mouth shut. Ma told the agent everything he was planning. The undercover agent was acting like a PRC intelligence agent and even paid Ma some money. But the trap was laid, and Ma was caught. Ma will have a new room made of concrete that he can