Credit Reporting Agencies Eliminating Medical Debt on Credit Reports — Now, For the Bad News

The American people have been struck since the COVID-19 virus first made its way onto North American soil. In one hour, the nation completely shut down and stayed on lockdown until enough was known about the virus to where people were confident that they could open their stores back up. But that only was true in Republican states since the Democrats decided to use to moment to seize control and force people to obey their wickedness.

And to further the hurt on people, the Democrats got Joe Biden to systematically erase all of the growth properties that Donald Trump had left in place. The nation took a backward slide as prices increased. And if that was not enough, Biden passed several bills that would force inflation into new territory. These things have hurt people to the point that debts are not being paid and credit scores are being destroyed.

In the wake of COVID-19, many people have been burdened with excessive medical bills. And in the past, those debts were often reported to credit agencies, which would apply them to credit scores. But these agencies have decided to stop reporting the debt and remove it from people’s reports.

In a way, the decision is a move of mercy. Newsbreak reported that “Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian announced that beginning in July, they will stop including medical debts that were in collections before being paid. But the debt will remain with each person until such a time as they can pay it off. The credit bureaus said it will also take a year, no longer six months, before a medical debt in collections is reflected on a person’s credit report.”

Americans are burdened with $88 billion in medial alone. That does not include all the from credit cards and other types of financial stress placed on a family or person. The pandemic put people out of work which means these people will stop making payments until their lives become stable.

Forty-three million Americans have some medical debt that affects their credit report. These reports determine if a person can buy a home or take out a loan. And one of the main factors in the approval factor is the debt-to-income ratio. People can be disqualified for a housing loan simply because they have high medical debt.

Hospitals and medical facilities paid within a specific time frame turn unpaid accounts over to collection agencies. And within that sphere alone, two-thirds of all collections were for medical debt. People are being destroyed by Joe Biden and his wicked-up financial policies to the point that they are ready to declare bankruptcy and look to start over in life.

The United States is still recovering in many ways from the pandemic. Had not Joe Biden and the Democrats rigged the election, the country would already have recovered from the financial strain. The Democrats cannot stomach a growing economy. They need people to be in stressful situations because it gives the liberals the chance to dictate and control people.

One of the ways that they control people is by placing them on hand-out programs. And once they are in the program, it is tough to get out. In many cases, a person will get more free stuff in the program than working for it themselves. The result is a lazy liberal that is content to live off the hard work of others because nothing is ever free.

Joe Biden will not be happy about people finding ways to live better when he wants to force them under his boot. The decision to remove medical debt from credit ratings will help people find a better life. But his time is short in the White House as the following election approaches. And even better yet is the midterm elections that are set to replace the Democrat’s death hold on Americans with a caring party determined to make America great again.