Cuomo Can’t Stand the Fact That Trump Was Right Again

There was a time when Andrew Cuomo banned the use of antimalarial drugs and other medications from his state. He was in full disagreement with what the president was suggesting at the time could be a potential aid in fighting the coronavirus.

Cuomo stands against President Trump on just about everything that the president does. If the president and his advisors say a drug helps, Cuomo will be the first to ban it from the state of New York.

Many people have pleaded with Cuomo to reverse his decision to not allow the drugs to be used. In his cold and heartless ways, he was denying hope from those that were lying in beds getting ready to pass away from the sickness.

Even Dr. Oz stated that “I think that was why Gov. Cuomo passed that law. To prevent people from taking it and putting it in their cupboards just in case. I have more confidence in Americans than that … It’s an inexpensive, old malaria drug. We’ll have enough of it eventually. We ought to lift that ban.” Crooked Cuomo has effectively kept the drugs from being used to help people.

Dr. Oz went on to point out that “I suspect there were concerns for the folks with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus who are dependent on chloroquine and couldn’t get it.” Oz was just trying to be kind.

The drugs in question are so abundant that it would take a massive amount of need to run the supply out. There are millions of people that use the drugs for common ailments. Many are treated fairly well with the drugs.

The people of New York have pleaded with the nasty man to lift the ban. In recent days, Cuomo has started falling in line and cryptically agreeing with the president. Crooked Cuomo may finally have listened to the people of New York for the first time.

He stated that he will finally allow the drug combination into the state. He is highly skeptical of the data. Cuomo just does not like the fact that the president is right once again. President Trump has surrounded himself with the right people to advise him as to correct courses of action.

Crooked Cuomo has stated that he has finally allowed doctors to use the drug combinations at their discretion. In an attempt to save face and to keep from totally admitting President Trump is right, Cuomo has ordered that all drugs used in to treat the sick be limited to a 14-day supply. He is trying to maintain some level of control over the situation so he can take credit for it when it works.

The criminal Cuomo has stated that “The tests in the hospital, they’re too short a period to get a scientific report. Hospital administrators, doctors want to have a significant data set before they give a formal opinion. Anecdotally, you’ll get suggestions that it has been effective. But we don’t have any official data yet from a hospital or a quote-unquote study, which will take weeks if not months.” He is so skeptical of any report that has come out that he just cannot admit that there is a good possibility that it will work just fine.

But to save face in an election year he states that “There has been anecdotal evidence that it is promising; that’s why we’re going ahead.” Cuomo would love to take the credit for allowing the drugs to be used. He loves it when people such as himself place him on a self-imposed pedestal for worship. After all, the Democrats love it when people think they care.

The one thing that will plague Cuomo as he seeks credit for the drug usage is all the past media coverage of his hard stance against the use of the drugs. President Trump has promoted the usage of such drugs for some time now.

No one is saying that it is the right combination. But there has been some relief to those that have responded to the usage of the drugs. President Trump is about saving lives and if it works, then it should be used until a more effective means of treating the sick can be found.