Dangerous Teaching Finds Its Grave in the Potato State

The state of Idaho is taking the steps that are needed to rid the educational environment of the destructiveness of the critical race theory. The move forbids all public schools and higher learning centers from teaching liberal lies. The state Senate overwhelmingly voted 27-8 to expel the nonsense to the darkness from which it was hatched.

The state House had already passed the measure 57-12, which gives a clear to the liberals hiding in Idaho to get out and stop messing around with the children. The states within that it “[establishes] provisions regarding dignity and nondiscrimination in public education” and “[prohibits] the expenditure of money for certain purposes.”

The liberals know how to fight. They get into young people’s minds and tell them to protest their little hearts out. And usually, they know nothing of why they are protesting in the first place. One report noted that “With backpacks still on and posters in hand, dozens of high school and college students arrived in front of the Idaho Capitol Monday afternoon to protest a bill against critical race theory that was already set to pass.”

The issue that the young people have bought into is that the present somehow has to make restitution to the past. Yvonne Shen is a 13-year-old child that stated that she knows the history of America but feels that people today need to make wrongs right. She stated, “Make no mistake, this is self-awareness. If we aren’t able to recognize our own flaws, we will never be able to progress beyond them.”

Her words are twisted, liberal-fed lies. A generation learns from the past, so they do not make the same mistakes in the present. The generations of today should never be held accountable for the mistakes of evil people of the past. The liberals may say they want unity, but they feed the racial narrative so they can keep ripping people apart.

One issue that the Democrats push is cultural Americanism. One person may claim to be a Mexican American while another an Irish American. Those claims are both false since to be citizens of the United States, they must identify as American. To claim any other status is to claim that the country does not exist. Past ties to old lands must be let go, and the new has to be embraced.

For people that cannot make that adjustment, they end up with divided loyalties. And in a time of war, that can be devastating as American pride is missing from the moment.

The bill past keeps schools from forcing students to identify their heritage. To push division and force certain nationalities to do things for others because of the past is foster division. It is the liberal’s way of keeping the country fractured. The Democrats cannot even force a person to identify their religious identification willfully.

One student noted that “As a student, I learn best when I’m allowed to teach myself. I love research projects and individual learning where I can go as in-depth as I want and make my own opinions about things and share my findings and my reasonings with my class. This bill restricts that learning process.” Which the bill does nothing of the sort. This student will still be able to formulate opinions and articulate them in assignments.

Critical race theory is telling kids to hate their country. It is the first step in getting the next generation to embrace socialism. The Democrats know that if they can indoctrinate kids early, they will want to adopt something new. And it will be a liberal form of communism that is watered down, so they do not see the horrors of dictatorship living.

Joe Biden and his progressive partners want to drag America down into the dirt as quickly as they can. The problem they face is that the conservative side of the country is still too strong for them to handle. So they feel they must somehow destroy or combat morality in order to get what they want. And the only thing they desire is to have more power.