DC Mayor: Everyone Ordered to Stay at Home July 4th…Except for Black Lives Matter

Wasn’t it in kindergarten that we learned we had to treat everyone the same? Someone needs to inform the mayor of Washington DC of this basic fact. She’s been urging everyone to stay at home for the upcoming 4th of July festivities. Meanwhile, she’s also been promoting Black Lives Matters gatherings.

Well, which is it?

Are we going to stay home and be safe or expose ourselves to mass crowds? Because…we can’t have both.

We’re either going to stay home for both the sake of Black Lives Matters and Independence Day or we’re able to gather for BLM and celebrate with family and friends for our country.

Mayor Muriel Bowser seems to take the typical Democratic response and be a hypocrite. She wants people to stay at home and be safe UNLESS it means fighting for Black Lives Matter.

In her efforts to keep people safe from the pandemic, she’s also playing favorites within the various demographic groups. That, or she’s trying to keep people away from the “Salute to America” event that President Trump has planned to take place on the White House’s south lawn.

If Mayor Bowser is looking to show concern regarding the spike in COVID-19, she may want to backtrack and be reminded of some of her posts from a week ago when she was found within the large crowd of supporters for a Black Lives Matter gathering. Where was her concern for COVID, then?

Considering not all protesters were wearing masks and a six feet social distance was definitely not being followed, she could have easily contributed to the spike now being seen. The videos of her in the plaza showed that she had her mask down around her chin, so she’s certainly not setting the best example of how to be safe.

But we’re not supposed to talk about that. We’re just supposed to stay at home for the 4th of July events. Even across the country, 4th of July events are taking place. They’re designed to celebrate our country, the one that the BLM movement is trying to destroy.

That doesn’t mean we have to squeeze in and forget about social distancing. They’re there for us to see, drive-by, and watch the fireworks from. And if we choose to attend, well, we can do so with enough common sense to wear a mask.

What Mayor Bowser is really trying to say is that she doesn’t care…unless it has to do with Black Lives Matter. She’s been political in her approach, and it shows. Even her Twitter comment says, “In November, we say next.”

Gee, is she saying that we need to say “next” as to say goodbye to Trump? As a Democrat, that’s exactly what she’s saying. Though, for someone who is supporting the woke culture of Black Lives Matter, she may want to take a good look at the DNC candidate. If she thinks Joe Biden is going to be her hero on Capitol Hill, she is sadly mistaken.

It all comes down to this: the mayor of any city should be encouraging safety, regardless of what’s happening in the country. Particularly with Washington DC being so close to the White House, the mayor should be echoing what’s coming out from the administration and Congress as a whole.

What is Bowser’s office saying about her idea of telling people to stay at home? Well, they weren’t responding to requests for comments from the Daily Caller News. Hmmm, how convenient.

Biden wants to require the entire country to wear a mask. Everyone is talking about social distancing. You can’t have it both ways, Miss Mayor. She wants to see a “significant” reduction in crowd sizes for the July 4th events, despite wanting to see just the opposite for the Black Lives Matter gatherings.

She’s either trying to defeat Trump’s plans to celebrate Independence Day or she really does care about everyone’s safety. If the latter is the truth, someone really needs to remind her that her pretty green mask is more effective on her face as opposed to under her chin.