De Blasio Favors Drugs Above Veterans in Blockade of Parade

The self-righteous Democrats are continuing their attacks against the people that served to protect their way of life. De Blasio told veterans living in New York City that they could not get a permit for their 102nd annual Memorial Day parade. The liberal mayor rejected the request for a permit for no good reason. The hurtful mayor denied the veterans but gave permission for the drug parade to take place on May 1.

The parade is more than just a get-together. It is a time when each person reflects back and finds closer for a time in their life that was traumatic and difficult. Jamie Gonzalez was a Marine infantryman that served in Operation Desert Storm. He stated that “It’s a slap in the face. For many of us, a parade is a form of closure. We gather together and support each other.”

The men and women that served in various duties need each other to make good with the terrors of their past. They stage various events that are designed to attract other veterans and people to help them remember and cope with the past and the present way of life.

The parade is a time when people such as Gonzalez were supposed to receive a special award and reflect back on the 30th anniversary of the war. De Blasio snubbed the United Staten Island Veterans Organization that represents 16 different groups of veterans.

He effectively told them to forget about meeting in the city because the veteran’s group is not supported under his rule. The police were the ones tasked to tell the bad news. De Blasio is hiding behind his COVID-19 emergency orders to keep the group from the meeting, which makes no sense at all because he allowed a different parade for drugs just a week earlier.

Ted Cohen is another veteran that is ticked off with de Blasio and his double standard. He stated that “I’m incensed.” And that the decision is “pathetic.” De Blasio is having a hard time balancing his hatred for specific people and doing the mayor’s work.

De Blasio has allowed The Black Lives Matter group and the St. Patrick’s Day parade to take place. Both of these events were during the pandemic. And all of a sudden, the mayor purposefully denies the one group that fought for the freedoms that the mayor and liberals take for granted.

The mayor himself has also participated in several parades and protests. He participated in the “East Harlem Pray and Protest” violent demonstration. And as a result, he got sick and even refused to get tested for COVID-19.

Councilman Robert Holden is a Democrat in the city, and he stated that “He wrote the book on hypocrisy. During his six years as mayor, he’s been nothing but a hypocrite on most things and this is a great example.” Members of his liberal party are blasting him for his duplicity and hypocritical standard.

Volker Heyde is another veteran that had a lot to say about dubious de Blasio. Heyde stated that “Look, have any parade you want, I have no problem with that. But for the city to put dopeheads over vets is just dishonoring us.”

People are sick and tired of the way the mayor is favoring the hurtful and destructive groups. One anonymous source stated that “People are just marching. That’s the new normal. The Staten Island people had the decorum and respect to go the proper way [and] they are suffering for their civic-mindedness. No one else is even asking permission.”

The veterans were the one group that followed the correct procedure for staging a parage. And they are the ones that were stiffed armed and forbidden in getting together.

Brendan Lantry tried to point out the double-standard by stating that “Under the equal protection clause, it’s unconstitutional for the city to pick and choose between groups like this. There’s a clear double standard going on here.” There is no doubt that de Blasio is personally attacking veterans and other American groups. He hates the military and law enforcement because they are the ones that make America great and will hold him and his party to the letter of the law.