Delivery of Bats in NYC! That Sounds Peaceful, Right?

The crazed protesters are not planning to play a friendly game of baseball in New York City. What they are planning is to swing a bat using as much force as possible at any cops that get in their way of protesting.

A shipment of bats into the city is one of the most ineffective ways of showing that they want to peacefully protest. While the Democratic mayor continues to be in denial about the protesting, the proof is on the shipping label.

Near the Brooklyn Bridge lies the home of the Occupy the City Hall protesters. NY Post has already posted a video to show that they’re getting a delivery of bats. Bats! At least six bats have been delivered – and who knows how many more they have or are on the way.

Mayor De Blasio doesn’t know why the violence is continuing to happen. However, he is constantly telling the NYPD to stand down. He doesn’t want any of the cops to use “excessive” force. Yet, it’s okay for the protesters to come in swinging bats?

It figures that the lunatic fringe is the one using bats. They think that if they use sporting equipment, they won’t get in trouble. After all, it’s not a weapon, right? Any baseball player will tell you that a bat can quickly become a weapon. It’s one of the reasons why they have to drop it after swinging it instead of carrying it to the bases with them.

New York City is starting to look like a third world country with the amount of violence in the streets. There’s blood everywhere you look, and it seems that the Brooklyn Bridge is ground zero for it all.

While De Blasio may not want to call it like it is, Judge Jeanine Pirro is making sure to condemn what the protesters are doing – particularly as they attack the NYPD, including an NYPD chief.

Pirro seems to be one of the few to want to speak up and be real about what’s happening in New York.

There was supposed to be a peaceful “march against violence” by police officials on the bridge. Instead, activists handed out baseball bats and started swinging. What part of “against violence” was unclear to the activists?

Pirro said that the attacks were part of an “all-out effort to destroy law enforcement and destroy whatever peaceful conglomerates we can bring together.”

The protesters have made it clear. They don’t want peace. They don’t want to get rid of the violence. If the cops don’t want to bring violence to the people, the people will bring violence to the cops. And they’ll use bats and any other tools they can get their hands on to get the job done.

Yet, the crime wave is not a real thing, according to most of the liberal politicians. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to blame the increase in crime on the economic situation, blaming it on parents who just want to get a loaf of bread to put on the table.

Oh, if only all of this was over a loaf of bread. Maybe she needs to see a shipment of baseball bats show up in her neighborhood to see the violence for herself.

As Pirro notes, “they are bringing down our civilization intentionally.” And she’s right – all you have to do is look at the shootings in Chicago, the unrest of Portland, the CHOP of Seattle, and other places throughout the country. New York City is becoming a leading example of what happens when you don’t squash out the protests as soon as they become a problem.

Baseball bats – there’s no denying that things are no longer peaceful as soon as the supposed peaceful protesters are having baseball bats delivered to where they’re sitting. They mean business, and they’re not playing around anymore. It’s time to use as much force as necessary to bring civilization back to order.