Democrat Kills Two Trump Supporters and the Media Ignores the Crime

Every time Black Lives Matter people come face to face with people that they do not care for, they immediately turn to violence. For some unexplainable reason, the thought of a peaceful conversation or encounter never enters their mind.

Given a chance, they would rather try and murder their opponents than talk to them. They fail to realize that differences of opinion are what make America great and prosperous.

In Yorba Linda, California, a massive group of BLM people came into contact with President Trump supporters. Each group was doing their typical rally cry when BLM started harassing and started to get violent with the Trump supporters. Typical actions of Democratic-run organizations and supporters.

BLM supporters pulled out their pepper spray and started blasting people in their faces. There was no reason for these thugs to assault others just because they support another candidate. Even the person that took pictures of the event was targeted since he had a camera and could pinpoint the violent agitators.

One of the wicked BLM terrorists named Tatiana Turner jumped into her car and used it as a weapon as they ran over some of the President Trump supporters. Turner must have figured Satan was chasing her as she sped off into the sunset with a blood-stained car.

In an intentional fit of rage, Turner used her car as a weapon of mass destruction, trying to kill as many people as she could with it. Many of the people ended up with light injuries, but two of them had severe injuries. There was no doubt as witnesses and video alike proved that BLM was responsible for the terror that took place that day.

And yet the New York Times decided to play down the event and fail to identify what group was responsible for Trump supporters’ attempted murder. Had it been Trump supporters running over BLM people, the New York Times would have most definitely identified the group.

It is possible that the New York Times needed extra time to lie about President Trump’s tax returns. The hit and run were on video, and there was not anything that could change the truth. BLM tried to murder Trump supporters.

The headline of the paper read “California Driver Charged After Striking Two Protesters.” And a statement that followed was, “A woman was charged with attempted murder after the car she was driving struck two people during a demonstration for racial justice in California that clashed with a counterprotest on Saturday, the authorities said.” There was not one mention of BLM being responsible for the tragedy.

Turner targeted peaceful people because she hated them for their political views. But The New York Times made it sound like BLM was the victimized group. Democrats like to play the victim card even though they are the evil ones causing all of the trouble.

The Times also stated that “it was unclear whether they were part of the Caravan4Justice group or the counterprotest group because both groups had converged at the time.”

The person driving the car was a Biden supporter to the core. Turner intended to murder people with her car, so there would be fewer votes for Trump in November. But she failed in her attempt.

The New York Times is the perfect example of the fake news that President Trump likes to make fun of. They invent their facts and imaginary sources. They present their cartoons as truth and even try to force people to believe them. They are the king of twisted facts land.

President Trump is the one president that has nothing to hide. He is honest about what he is planning on doing for the country. The people voted him into office because they knew that he could not be bought off by the Democrats or any other big-money organization. He already has enough money.

His plan was to make America great again, which is something that he has done. He is the reason why the country was able to weather COVID-19 and then bounce back strong than ever.