Democratic Inquisition Takes Hold as One Pastor Is Tied to the Stake

The attacks on conservative values in America continue to find their way into the headlines. The way the media portrays all religious individuals mirrors that of the persecuted. The ones being attacked were the criminals, while all others are innocent no matter their crimes. The war between the media and the Democrats has started a new wave of inquisitional attacks on religion.

Religious people see the ways of life for transgender people as unacceptable based on moral conviction. And yet, they never attack the person. They just disagree with the belief system of those that involve themselves in it. The opinions of the conservatives are rarely voiced until they are asked.

The Democrats and the transgender are the ones that want to force their dangerous doctrine on people and force them to accept their way of life. And when the conservatives take a stand opposite of the transgender crowd, it is then that they are attacked and tied to the stake for burning.

The unacceptable teachings of the Democratic school systems are where they wage their war. They seek to indoctrinate kids and force them to believe that changing one’s sex is acceptable. But the problem is that even the kids know it is against nature and is an abomination to how men and women were designed.

Their superiors force teachers to teach things like the critical race theory and other horrible things. And when they try and take a stand, they are threatened with job loss or physical harm.

One teacher named Byron Cross has had enough. He stated, “It’s not my intention to hurt anyone. But there are certain truths that we must face when ready. We condemn school policies…[that] would damage children, defile the holy image of God. I love all of my students. But I will never lie to them, regardless of the consequences. I’m a teacher, but I serve God first. And I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it’s against my religion, it’s lying to a child, it’s abuse to a child, and it’s sinning against our God.” He was later put on leave for his beliefs.

The fallout of Cross being put on leave brought his pastor into the story. His pastor developed a petition to recall the school board members that push critical race theory on the kids. Gary Hamrick is now in the media’s crosshairs because he has had enough of his people being attacked.

The pastor took to the pulpit to warn his people by saying, “We’ve got to take back our schools. … Are we just to throw our arms up and surrender and retreat and let our country and our county and our kids be taken over by progressive, liberal, Marxist ideology? I mean, this is just…out of control. Someone steps up, free speech, lovingly talks about how, by his faith, he has to be true to reality. And for that, he’s placed on administrative leave.”

And the moment the church gets involved is when the Democrats are going to cry foul because they cannot compete with the church. The Democrats on the committee demanded that the pastor recant what he said from the pulpit.

The events of the inquisition are starting to unfold. There is a push for the accused to recant, and if they refuse, it is off with their head or a good old-fashioned burning at stake. They were just “disheartened” to find out that they were going to face some opposition. They were going to face the truth.

The liberals stated, “We call on Pastor Gary Hamrick to recant his allegations due to the libelous and inflammatory nature of the remarks. Unfounded statements such as these not only hurt our community that he is meant to serve but have dangerous ramifications for the incitement of violence.”

The pastor is not inciting violence by speaking the truth. The Democrats want to force him to recant his beliefs, or he will face the fire that so many others have been burned with before him.