Democratic Leaders Are Sparring…Over Pizza

Mayor Bill de Blasio has his eyes set on the highest office in the land but apparently, he cares a great deal about pizza too. What follows is a shining example of our tax dollars being put to work.

Di Fara pizzeria, as one report covering the story said is, one of “New York City’s legendary pizza joints.” So when the government and in particular the IRS came in and recently shut the business down, needless to say, some hearts were broken.

It seems one of those hearts broken was inside the chest of Big Apple Mayor, Bill de Blasio.

Now enter fellow Democrat and de Blasio’s arch-nemesis, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. You see, according to our story this wasn’t some supposed closure, this was a legitimate shutdown complete with a sweep of the building to remove all persons.

Padlocks on the doors and a posted sign of property seizure stating the new owner as the State of New York.

For those of us who don’t stay on top of all things New York news, it is also worth noting that the feud between de Blasio and Cuomo has been of borderline epic proportions throughout the years.

So it comes as no surprise that some insignificant event, in light of the issues surrounding New York, the nation, and the world, would cause a throw down between the Mayor and the Governor.

The Mayor shortly following the IRS shutdown of the pizza establishment tweeted:

“Di Fara is THE best pizza place in New York City. It MUST be saved. I’m ready to do anything I can to get them reopened — as are thousands of New York City pizza-lovers.”

He followed that with a strong assurance to his constituents and fellow pizza lovers, that he and his “team” were going to be working on getting the situation fixed. His team? Meaning all of those people under his employ as Mayor – on the taxpayer payroll, that team?

In any event, even despite the obvious questions about spending money to save a business that failed to pay taxes (Di Fara disputes the IRS claim), Governor Cuomo responded. Not about the expense and efforts of saving an indebted business, but about the pizza – and de Blasio of course. Cuomo’s response was this:

“He has no legal authority to forgive state taxes… now, if he wants to pay the $200,000 on behalf of the pizza place, he can do that. That’s fine. And if he wants to get $200,000 worth of pizza, that’s his business. But he can’t forgive state taxes.” Then, almost as if only to add salt to the wound he said, “I’m not going to pay $200,000 for their pizza, even if it’s very good pizza.”

Go ahead and laugh, it is rather funny even if it is sad to see these Democratic leaders sparring over… pizza.

If we step back from the pizza fight for a moment, we also find something very cute. The Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has his eyes on the Presidency. Fortunately, he will be battle-tested and ready for everything the world has to throw at him with the kind of experience pizza fights like these will give him. Very Presidential indeed.

Maybe they did pay their taxes, although that is a rather considerable bill but it is possible. Who knows, they might even have the best pizza on the planet… but it is still pizza and it is still a small business.

Stop it there, nobody said that small business isn’t important, it is the backbone of our nation. What it isn’t, however, is an industry that could tumble the economy.

So why are we talking about this like it is a crisis? Why are two grown men throwing mud, about a pizza joint, like they were in junior high – no, grade school?

We don’t know either but that is just the facts and what is happening right now. Maybe, if by some astronomical measure of luck Mayor Bill de Blasio gets his name on the ballot, we should remember this discussion.

Other than that, however, it might just be best left forgotten.