Democrats Admit the Existence of the Red Wave

By Unscrew/
By Unscrew/

The Democratic Party is a group of people dealing with self-denial and massive reality check as they find out the hard way the voting base does not support the path they want to travel. The blue wave they imagined in 2020 and beyond has all but dried up to an arid reality. The elections in Virginia and New Jersey serve as a wake-up call to any liberal to beware. They are not as invincible as they think they are.

The state of New Jersey saw its shakeup when the red wave came crashing to its shores. Steve Sweeney served as the Senate President and is a staunch liberal. But that was only until Edward Durr challenged him and mopped up the floor by winning the general election. Now Sweeney must give up his seat and let Durr fix the messes he has created throughout the past several years.

The Democrats bought their tombstones when they started telling parents that they could not voice any opposition to Critical Race Theory, Woke, and pandemic lockdowns within the school system. The Democrats tried to lock up the educational system and make it their private training ground for the pollution of younger minds.

Those single actions were enough to attract the red wave to a deep blue state. Sweeney would later admit what other Democrats refuse to realize. He stated that the election “was a red wave.” Sweeney was considered to be a powerful Democrat that could not be beaten. But when his party adopted an aggressive stance against parents, they lost massive support.

The red wave was so massive that it drowned Phil Murphy, the liberal governor of the state. Sweeney was stunned to learn the outcome. But he would say that “The results of Tuesday’s elections are in. All votes have been fairly counted and I, of course, accept the results. I want to congratulate Mr. Durr and wish him the best of luck. The people of the third legislative district are the best of New Jersey. It has been an honor and privilege to represent them in the state Senate and to serve as the president of the state Senate.”

Americans want to be able to live and support their families without the Democrats interfering with their lives. The election results sent a clear message to all Democrats around the country to keep their noses out of private affairs. Durr won the election by only spending $2,300 compared to the $305,000 that Sweeney wasted. The message from those two figures is that no amount of money raised or spent will stop the red wave from washing out the slime from state and federal governments.

The Record reported that “Durr, at a news conference in Washington Township, Gloucester County, later Wednesday afternoon, said he and Sweeney had spoken on the phone but didn’t share the details of that conversation. The senator-elect was complimentary toward the outgoing Senate president, saying Sweeney had earned the right to take his time in conceding. Their political differences, Durr said, do not extend to personal differences.”

Durr was not the only one to unseat liberals in the state Senate. The Republican Party picked up several new seats in the House, which puts a ton of pressure on the Democrats. Virginia went from blue to red when the Republicans took control of the House of Delegates.

The Daily Wire showed that “The Republican Party dominated the blue state of Virginia, where Democrat President Joe Biden won by 10 points just last year, as backlash builds to Biden’s numerous crises and far-left Democrat policies.”

The red wave is alive and well, and there is not one thing that the Democrats can do at this point in their reign of terror to try and stem the tide. The 2022 mid-term elections will put control of the government back into the hands of the Republican Party that have defended mainly and protected the American people. Joe Biden is the one force fueling the red wave, and the more he screws up, the bigger the wave will get.