Democrats are Dealing Drugs in the Form of Stimulus Checks

Stimulus checks are just as addictive as drugs. Don’t, for a minute, let a liberal tell you differently.

Welfare has been keeping American families attached to the teat for decades. Why get a real education and a real job when the government will give you everything you need?

It’s not just about the Welfare checks, either. It’s the food stamps, Section 8 housing, Medicare, and so much more.

Those who are low income don’t have any real idea as to how much things cost in the real world because they’ve been sheltered from it for so long. What is their incentive to work harder and earn more knowing that they’d have to get their own insurance? That rent on an apartment might be double what it is now?

The Democrats have made sure that those who are on Welfare are hooked. It’s been a drug that low-income families have been addicted to for years. And, they’ve made sure that their children get hooked on it, too. It’s why generational Welfare has become so problematic in recent years.

Now, the Democrats want to deal out another drug – stimulus checks.

Checks of hundreds or thousands of dollars given to Americans who make under a certain amount per year can make quite a difference. However, people spend it and turn around to look for the next one.

Suddenly, Americans are going to become addicts, looking for when their next check will get deposited.

What happens when there are no more checks to give? This cannot be a continuous feeding trough. At some point, people have to figure out how to move forward – and that means getting a job.

The economy has been adding tens of thousands of jobs every month. However, there are still parts of the economy that are closed. Various industries are still closed.

Rather than giving people jobs, Biden’s administration is eager to give people checks.

The Biden-Harris administration has no idea how to fix the economy. They have no idea how to get everyone back on their feet.

We don’t need an addictive drug passed out into the bank accounts of everyone making less than $75,000 (regardless of whether they’ve lost their job or not). What we need is to make everyone self-sufficient.

Guess what? If everyone had a job, they wouldn’t need a government handout.

How many people on Welfare have chosen not to hold down a real 40-hour a week job? How many abuse the system for their personal gain? The numbers might disgust you.

This is Biden’s plan, though. He wants to get everyone addicted. This way, it will be easier when he makes moves that allow him to gain more control. Soon, we’ll have bread lines. We’ll have clothing lines. Don’t worry about earning a living. The government will provide for you.

That’s a communist way of thinking. We don’t want to become the next USSR or the next China.

No, thank you.

Uncle Sam is a drug dealer. That’s not what he was ever supposed to be. However, he got sucked down the path of righteousness by AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and all the other liberals who believe the country shouldn’t be based on capitalism.

We have to stop issuing checks to anyone who earns under a certain threshold. Let’s follow what Franklin D. Roosevelt did. 12 million people were unemployed. He didn’t give anyone checks. Instead, he gave them jobs.

Checks are addictive. Jobs are not. Let people work for their money. It’s the only way the economy will heal.

The problem is that Biden lied. He lied when he said he wanted the country to heal. He lied when he said he knew what was best for Americans. He lied – and now we’ve got more people addicted to the government than ever before.