Democrats Are in Full Panic as They Try and Force a Senate Vote on Abortion


The Democratic Party is in a state of panic because they fear that the Supreme Court will overturn the Roe v. Wade court ruling of 1973. The case of 1973 was nothing more than a liberal sham to get the court to recognize the concept of abortion and to make it legal for women to murder their children.

The liberals wanted a way to engage in sexual activity and not disrupt their social life if a child were to be conceived. They planned to allow for the extermination of the baby before it could be recognized as a human being. And the only way they could get away with murder was to hide behind the term abortion and link it to a medical procedure.

The Supreme Court is conservative, and they know the value of life. The issue of abortion has come up in Republican states because those states want the Supreme Court to reverse a court case from 1973 that has led to the murder of millions of people.

The Democrats hate the concept of the Supreme Court getting involved. The Senate Majority Leader is non-other than the defiant Chuck Schumer. He has let out that the Senate will vote on a set of abortion laws to counter the Supreme Court’s pending decision.

The Democrat’s push for abortion legislation is a reaction to the issue. They are reasoning that if they can put laws that protect against murdering children, the court will have no choice but to rule in favor of abortion.

Schumer’s announcement is in response to the leaked paper that someone spilled to the media about how the court would rule. The documents should have never been leaked out, but the people involved were scared and just had to do something to try and stop the court from protecting life.

The Senate Majority Leader believes that his vote will expose the pro-life Senators and be enough to counter a red wave that is building. Chuck Schumer also believes that the vast majority of Americans support the murder of children. But the truth is that the country is ready for the practice to be banned from the western world.

Schumer stated that “Every American will see how every senator stands.” And no Republican can “duck it anymore. Republicans have tried to duck it.” The truth is that Republicans have never ducked the abortion issue. They have wanted to stop the murder of children since 1973. It has been the Democrats that have ducked out of the issue and have tried to avoid any legislation because they know it will get voted down.

The wormy Democrats believe that abortion is a healthcare right. They have tried to make the concept of murdering unborn children seem medical and scientific, so the horror of ending a human life is not so dramatic for the people involved.

The evil man noted that “Choice should not be up to a handful of right-wing justices. Choice should not be up to a handful of right-wing politicians. It’s a woman’s right. Plain and simple.” But had the decision been left up to many murderous liberals on the bench, he would be in full support of having them rule on the case.

The right for every person to live free is a fundamental principle that the Founding Fathers recognized when the nation was founded. They wrote that all people have the right to live and prosper in the Constitution. But the Democrats want to take that away from the smallest of a person because they want a way out of something that can change the course of one’s life because of a choice to engage in baby-making activities.

The smelly Democrats think that they can extinguish anyone who stands in their way. Their evolutionary-based thinking puts humanity in the same grouping as insects. To them, it is the survival of the fittest. But human life is more than just another animal group. Human life is unique and should be persevered at all costs.