Democrats Don’t Trust Vaccine Developed Under a Republican Administration

Gavin Newsom is an untrusting Democrat that is suspicious of everything that President Trump does for the nation. Over the past few days, he has announced that he will force the state to hire a company to review the vaccine that is coming out for COVID-19 independently. His reluctance to praise the work behind the development of the vaccine is indicative of the suspicious nature of the Democratic Party.

Newsom’s paranoia led him to say, “Of course we won’t take anyone’s word for it.” He has asked 11 doctors and other scientists to review any vaccine that comes out. These are his own personal biased group of people who will give him a review that he wants to see. This is another way that Newsom is harming the people of California.

There is already a whole group of highly qualified doctors who have weighed in on the decision to make the vaccine. Newsom is looking for something political to keep his sorry self in office longer.

The sad governor even got Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, who is a professor of epidemiology at the UCLA School of Public health, to defend his decision. He stated, “I wouldn’t interpret this as a delay in distribution. I would interpret this as an effort to make sure that distribution is equitable and timely. The people in this group are among the most reputable public health advocates in the state.”

They may be the best in their field, but when the political love of liberalism clouds their professionalism, they will say dangerous and even harmful things. Newsom’s group of paid-off professionals will delay the distribution of the vaccine to people who need it. He flat out said that he does not trust the federal government.

The other liberal nutty governor that is refusing to trust is Andrew Cuomo. He has stated that he does not trust the federal government. These two do not trust the vaccine because it was developed under a Republican administration. If this were made under a Democratic administration, they would have already sent their orders for the vaccine to be delivered.

The vaccine in question has been tested on people without a problem. The reviews are done, and it is ready for use. These scared governors are only making political waves because it is an election year. They have to appear that they care about people, or else they are out of office.

The skepticism over the vaccine is party-wide for the Democrats. They think that the vaccine must make people vote for President Trump or something along with a conspiracy theory. But when they believe President Trump is to blame for the virus, anything else does not seem out of their reach to blame him with.

This ploy by Trump-hating Democrats is the same one that they used when trying to unseat him over the past four years. The reason that if they cannot remove him from office, then they should not trust him. President Trump has never given anyone a reason not to trust him. He is honest and lives up to his word.

Dr. Fauci has even come out with support for the vaccine. He stated, “The process that’s going on in trying to prove the safety and the efficacy of a number of vaccines is a sound process. I have faith in it, there are outside boards, data, and safety monitoring boards, there are committees that advise the FDA about this, so I have confidence that things are going to be done in a scientifically sound manner.”

Newsom and his little buddy Cuomo have no reason not to trust this vaccine. Except that they are politically motivated to make people believe that they care about them by protecting them from the conspiracy theory theology.

President Trump put in place the best of the best to oversee the development of this vaccine. Democrats that do not trust it are basing that belief on their hatred of President Trump. It stands to reason then that there will help people that will die over their reluctance to trust the most honest president this country has seen in decades.