Democrats Listen Up: All Americans WANT to Show an ID at the Polls

Democratic politicians love to make things up. They like to push the boundaries between what is and isn’t acceptable. Then, they say that they are simply listening to the American people.

Guess what? Americans want to show IDs at the polls.

As much as the liberals want to try to turn it into a racial issue, the reality is that showing an ID at the polls allows everyone to feel as though the elections are fairer.

It has nothing to do with being racist. Top Democrats want to cry that asking for proof of ID is akin to the Jim Crow era. And the reality is that it’s just not true.

In today’s society, you need proof of ID for anything and everything that you do. You need it to buy a car, to rent an apartment, and even to open a bank account. If you’re planning to vote, you’re likely already a functioning adult in society – so you have proof of ID.

A CNN poll has shown the truth: most Americans have no problem showing an ID at the polls.

And this is a CNN poll. If anyone was going to slant a poll in the favor of the Democrats, it would be CNN. Yet, they’re telling us what we’ve already known – that Americans aren’t the ones complaining about the ID issue.

Why is it that the Democrats are fighting so hard to turn this into a racial issue when it’s not? Oh, right – they’re doing whatever they can to divide the country. And, if they can get away with not asking for IDs at the polls, they can send more people in to vote – including those who are in the country illegally. And, if they can get people to vote two or three times, then it’s all the merrier.

64 percent of those who responded to the poll said that providing photo identification would make the elections fairer. 17 percent said that it would be less fair while 17 percent felt that it wouldn’t make a difference.

It’s important to look at who we have in Congress. These are elected officials who are supposed to be representing the majority. What majority are they going on when they’re wanting to get rid of ID requirements for voters? Only 17 percent of the CNN poll’s responders feel as though it’s an unfair requirement.

17 percent hardly represents the majority of Americans. Yet, here are the Democratic leaders of Congress fighting. And, not only are they fighting for something that is a non-issue, they’re destroying entire economies over it.

When Georgia passed a law that would require IDs, the Democrats on the Hill lost their minds. Even Biden called the state out for what they did. It led to boycotts and moving various events out of the state.

Perhaps the dumbest of all of these was to move the All-Star MLB game out of Georgia and into Colorado. Many businesses in Georgia had depended on the revenue from the game. Meanwhile, Colorado has the same ID requirement as Georgia to ensure that voting at the polls is fairer.

Why is it that the Democrats are refusing to listen to reason on this one? They would rather make it into a racial issue than address what most people are upset about.

Being able to vote should be one of the easiest things possible. However, it also has to be legitimate. Whether people are allowed to register to vote on Election Day or whether they can use ballot drop boxes is not really the point. The point is that every American should get one vote. Just one.

Yet, every single time there’s an election, there’s fraud. Why? People are voting for dead parents because the ballots are automatically mailed. People show up at two or three polls to get their votes in. People show up for their friends to vote.

An ID is simply a way of proving that you have the right to vote. And Americans agree. So, the Democrats have to learn to let this go because they’re not even representing the majority at this point.