Democrats Pinned in Final Moments of Texas Election as Hopes of Stealing Another Seat Are Ripped to Pieces

Nancy Pelosi is singing the blues as she finds out that there is not one Democrat that made the runoff for the contested Texas 6th Congressional District race.

The Democrats are full of themselves as they believe that they are the majority favorites with the people since they control the White House. But after a sad showing in Texas, it is becoming clear that they are actually the least favorite party in the country.

The media will not cover much of the story as they are licking their wounds because of the defeat they have suffered. They do not want to tell the world that the Republicans gave them a pasting that they will not soon forget.

Ron Wright was a Republican that had won the seat in the past election. But he was also a victim of COVID-19. His death forced another election to take place, and the Democrats were prideful enough to think that they were going to sweep that seat like they thought they would in 2020. But when the numbers came out, their contestant was so far behind that they could not see the finish line.

Susan Wright and Jake Ellzey were the two frontrunners that put the liberals to shame. The exciting part about the election is that they are both Republicans. So the liberals are going to lose another seat in the House. Nancy Pelosi is starting to feel the robe tighten around her neck.

The Democrats had the hopes of turning that district blue. They wanted to add a blue seat to their portfolio but could not because the conservatives blocked their shot. They will now have to watch from the sidelines as two Republicans battle it out in a runoff election.

The fact that the two winners are Republicans is an ego buster for the liberals. They believe that they are unique and should have at least won one of the top two positions. Their pride makes them believe that they are better than everyone else.

The loser liberals do not even have a chance of taking the seat. They are prohibited from even putting their person on the ballot to run as a third person. Nancy Pelosi is going to have to bite her crybaby lip and seat another Republican. 2022 is looking like a red wave more and more as time inches along.

The region is one that the Democrats have been trying to flip blue for some time. But this cycle saw that they lost ground. It is a clear picture, and regular voting trends are going to return to normal. And that means that the liberals will see the Republicans take back the seats they lost two years ago.

This loss is an ego buster to Joe Biden. It clearly shows that people are sick and tired of the progressive trend the sorry little man is embracing. Americans love being free, and the moderate liberals take a stand with Republicans because they do not want to see the country turn into a socialist experiment.

There is no doubt that the liberal media will try and publish some stories to cover up why their beloved candidate lost. They are good at publishing fake stories and reports to try and boost their image.

The Republican Party not only kept the liberals off the ballot, but they did it in a suburban area. The media tells people that the suburbs are blue regions, but that is just not the case. There are more red supports in the outer banks of the city than they like to tell people.

One of the candidates hated Donald Trump so badly that the media made them out to be some liberal god going to sweep the field. But they only got 3 percent of the total vote. They did so horribly that no one even wants to report on the loser.

The concept of Make America Great Again is brewing in the suburbs. The vast majority of the people want their country to stay great. And they are realizing now that the only way to do that goal is to keep the red candidates in power.