Democrats Splitting the State of Virginia with Their Insane Laws

The Democrats in Virginia are destroying the state and angering the people with their selfish and socialist laws. Their push to ban certain guns and other liberal agenda items is setting the people against the Democrats.

Virginia is one of the states that love their guns. To remove guns from the people is like cutting their hearts out. The Democrats are cutting the hearts out of the Virginian people.

The push for gun control is going to cost the state-level Democrats to their knees in a few short months. The Democrats are pushing gun-control because of the shooting that took place a decade ago at Virginia Tech.

The man came into the building and took the lives of 12 people. So now they believe that innocent victims need to have their guns taken away. What the clueless Democrats fail to understand is that killers will always be able to find a gun to use.

The nasty liberals believe that by banning guns it will be hard for killers to get them. But they fail to realize that the guns are coming from the southern border.

One brainwashed person named Catherine Koebel stated that “This is the final sea change of everything we’ve worked for and been advocating for.”

The liberals have been fighting to become permanent victims at the hands of criminals. Democrats do not want people to have guns because they will not be able to force anyone to do what they want them to do.

Rough Ralph Northam is the Democratic Governor that is pushing the harsh rules. He is seeking to sign a new law that will restrict handgun purchasing and give power to people to take guns from people that are determined to be high-risk people.

This means that the liberal would be able to determine which people are at high risk. So, there is nothing from them taking the guns from the conservative group.

Koebel has come to believe that her suffering is because there are gun owners. She stated that “I would almost call it a ‘blood price.’ Like, we paid the price; we buried our dead; you owe us. You owe us these changes so that we can at least go to sleep at night knowing that it is a little less likely again.” She is so ignorant that she believes that guns come from gun stores. But people that are getting the guns are buying them from the black-market dealers.

The responsible people in Virginia are protesting the rules. Over 20,000 residents protested at the capital of the stupidity of the liberals. Even Sheriff Hank Partin from Montgomery County stated that “It’s a statement from a jurisdiction that passes sanctuary status that we do not like those bills. A lot of folks feel like their defense mechanisms are being taken away from them.” He is exactly right in that people will not be able to defend themselves anymore.

One attorney named Chris Tuck stated that “There are people that will say to me, ‘sanctuary — I will be safe. If you just pass this thing, they won’t be able to prosecute us.’ But we do not have the authority to say they wouldn’t be prosecuted.” And that is exactly what will take place.

Illegals will run to the cities for protection and the killers will harm the people that are truly citizens of the country. There is nothing good that will come out of the sanctuary city idea with unarmed citizens.

The group that is protesting the law change is defending the Second Amendment. They are being called the “sleeping giant.” There is going to be such an outcry in Virginia that it will split the state. The Democrats are trying to push the nation into a corner hoping to split it wide open. It is like they are hoping for another civil war.

One gun shop owner named Mitchell Tyler stated that “Gun owners are a threat to politicians at the ballot box. That is where we’re most dangerous.

Because of this groundswell in sanctuary cities and counties, I think you’ll see Virginia go red this year in the presidential election.” The Democrats need a defenseless nation to have the power they are seeking.