Democrats Using Virus to Promote Fraud

The Democrats are so single-minded that they cannot get off of the horse of suspicion long enough to work with Republicans to save the country. They are so enraged over their loss in 2016 that they are looking for ways to get ahead of the president before the election later this year. The Democrats are trying once again to tip the playing field in their favor by suggesting that a complete overhaul of the way people vote be done this year.

Naughty Nancy Pelosi and old man Joe Biden want to make everyone in the country mail in their ballots for the November election. Their recommendation is made only so they can expand the ways that they can cheat the American people.

Their suggestion opens the door for them to fraud and cheats to get votes in ways that have never been considered before in American history.

Nancy Pelosi believes that the current election system is not democratic. She has proposed that she would need about $4 billion to “really democratize our whole system.” Why she is focusing on this at a critical time in American history shows clearly her attempt to fraud the American people.

The Democrat’s way of voting only opens the American people up to further infections. In all election’s polls would be open weeks before it takes place. They would have to be open for 10 hours each day. They also want people to use public transportation to vote.

The Democrats do not care about the United States right now. All they are trying to do is find new ways to fraud the American people. They are having a hard time doing that now because there is a president in place that has opened up the secrecy that the Democrats once had in place to hide their criminal activities.

James Clyburn from South Carolina stated that the virus has given the Democrats “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” The entire movement is to give the Democrats an edge in politics.

A mail election would allow the Democrats to send out and send in unlimited absentee ballots to their voting base. In essence, one Democrat voter could send in 100 ballots and no one would ever know that the Democrats are stacking the votes.

Many states operate on old voting lists which allow the Democrats to have more votes than they normally would have had. In California alone the courts made them clean up their voter lists. What was found was that 1.5 million people should have been removed from the list for various reasons.

The Democrats will stop at nothing to win in the 2020 election. They are resorting to openly trying to set themselves up to be able to cheat in a few months. Their idea of fair elections tips fairness in their favor.

Their definition of fairness means illegal gain at any cost. Fraud through the mail is the easiest and most used way to get things out of people illegally. The Democrats know this, and this is why they want to mail-in votes, so they can cheat their way back into power.

Richard Hasen is an election expert and he has noted that “When voter fraud does occur or when voter coercion does occur, it tends to occur with absentee ballots. When you’re in the privacy of the voting booth, that becomes impossible.” The Democrats would be able to force people to vote for them through mail elections.

The Republicans are the nemesis to the Democrats. This is why the Democrats hate the Republicans. They stand in their way of total domination and destruction of the American way of life.

They know that they will have to remove them from power and any voting majority to get what they want in politics. The problem is that there are so many more Republicans that stand for what is honest and right than there are Democrats in total.

As long as there are Republicans and a president that loves America standing in their way there will be nothing to fear. They may be able to slip in a few silly changes. But they will never be able to ruin America like they are hoping to do someday.