Dems Accept Campaign Cash from Anyone, Including Terrorists


The Democrats are showing their desperation. They know that they’re going to need a lot of campaign cash to deal with the red wave that is coming for them. As a result, they’ll take money from whoever is offering.

There’s a problem with taking money from just anyone, though. The moment that you accept that cash, you are forever linked to them. And the Democrats are getting campaign dollars from some very shady characters.

It really makes one wonder if the Democrats are okay with where the money is coming from. After all, there are terrorists handing money over to anyone with a liberal agenda. It’s likely that the Dems know who these individuals are and are prepared to turn a blind eye to some unsavory activity in exchange for that money. After all, people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have been doing it for years.

It’s been recently discovered that Joe Biden along with various other Democrats have accepted campaign contributions from Emadeddin Muntasser. He is not only a convicted felon, but he’s also accused of supporting “the cause of violent jihad.”

Oh, this definitely sounds like someone you should accept campaign contributions from. Why would Muntasser even want to donate to U.S. politicians – unless he had some ulterior motives?

The New York Post happily reported that in 2008, Muntasser and two of his associates were convicted for “conspiring to defraud the U.S. government, lying to the FBI and engaging in a scheme to conceal evidence.”

This guy is trouble with a capital “T.” He and his associates were actually operating an Islamic charity as a front so that they could finance jihad from abroad.

Politicians don’t always look to see where money comes from – but when it’s in relatively large amounts, it’s worth doing the research.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Muntasser has sent out quite a bit of money. This included $1,000 to Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), $2900 to both Rana Abdelhamind (someone looking to unseat Rep. Carolyn Maloney) and Muad Hrezi (someone looking to unseat Rep. John Larson). And the list goes on and on, including $250 to Joe Biden.

A Democratic strategist, Hank Sheinkopf, pointed out to the Post that “Democrats can’t do anything but set themselves up for failure at this point.”

Getting into financial relationships with a known convict who is linked to the Islamic jihad is dangerous. It leads to all sorts of questions about what the politicians may do (or not do) in exchange for that money.

After all, the liberals have tended to take an “American second” approach since the beginning of the Biden administration. Americans are treated as second-rate citizens while illegal immigration skyrockets and the president takes a softer approach with the Taliban than any other previous administration.

Sheinkopf added that accepting the money “shows a lack of judgment” and that they “will deal with anybody – even enemies of the nation.”

It’s certainly a moral argument that the liberals won’t want to even bother debating.

The Federal Election Commission makes it possible to know who is getting donations. If a politician had no idea that such an individual was donating, they could have made it known – and even refunded the money. By accepting the funds, they showed complacency at the very least.

If there were as many Democrats as there were who accepted donations from Muntasser, there’s no telling how many other unsavory characters have donated to them. The digging has just begun…and Democrats should be terrified of what will get uncovered.