Dems Demand the Dumbest Things: Concede on Election Night or Else

Enough with the conspiracy theories already. The Dems are trying to make President Trump into a monster in any way that they can. One minute, they’re convinced that if they lose the election it will be because it’s all Trump’s fault. Then, the next minute, they’re convinced that if they do win the election, Trump won’t concede.

Now, Al Gore is the latest politician to buy into those conspiracy theories.

Al Gore wants to remind Americans that he lost the 2000 election to Bush with only a narrow margin. So, he conceded. Even then, the results remained in limbo for months.

There’s the belief that if Biden defeats Trump in the election on November 3, Trump won’t concede. When asked if Trump will accept the results, he has said he doesn’t know. And how would anyone? Hillary Clinton certainly wasn’t quick to concede, now was she?

Gore used a vile comment as a way to accuse Trump, saying that he is “attempting to put his knee on the neck of democracy” by attacking mail-in ballots and absentee voting.” This, of course, is a throwback to how George Floyd died at the knee of a white cop.

It’s not as if Gore didn’t go down swinging, first, though. He requested Florida to be recounted long before he conceded the presidency to Bush. This should sound familiar. Gore won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College. It took over a month before Gore finally conceded.

So, who is Gore to request that Trump concedes on Election Night when he didn’t do it, either?

There are good reasons why Trump may not want to accept the results right away. Both Al Gore and Hillary Clinton certainly didn’t concede. And Clinton has even advised Biden that he not concede “under any circumstances.”

Isn’t it funny how the Dems have a double standard of ethics when it comes to Election Night protocol? Biden should not concede if Trump wins, but Trump is supposed to concede immediately?

The elections haven’t even happened yet and Gore is ready to call upon the military. And for what? Why does the military need to get involved? If Biden is the winner of the election, Trump will concede when he’s good and ready. Based on the Constitution, Trump would remain in office through January of 2021 anyway. There’s no need for military force. And to say such a thing is ridiculous.

Gore once said that “It turns out there’s no intermediate step between a final Supreme Court decision and violent revolution. It seemed to me that respect for the rule of law and respect for the needs of American democracy were the orders of the day.”

That’s after Gore put up a fight for nearly six weeks before finally conceding to Bush. So if that’s how long Gore was given before coming to peace with the decision, why wouldn’t Trump be allowed the same? Because the Democratic Party is hypocritical.

Meanwhile, there are at least nine states, many of which are run by Democratic governors, that will be mailing out ballots to all citizens, whether they request them or not. And herein lies the fear that Trump has. If people are being given mail-in ballots and have plans to vote in person, what is being done to prevent double-counting?

What’s to stop people from collecting mail-in ballots before they reach the destination of citizens so that people can cast multiple ballots? If the post office isn’t strong enough to prevent cash from being stolen out of envelopes at Christmastime, it’s not strong enough to prevent the theft of ballots at election time.

Is there a system to prevent multiple votes being cast from the same individual? That’s really the question. And if Trump loses by a landslide in states where he has won in the past, it will signal that there’s a problem with the way that votes were cast. So, no, he doesn’t have to concede on Election Night.

For Gore to not only buy into the conspiracy theory but demand something that he, himself, could not do is hypocritical and absurd.