Dems Plan to Sue Gun Manufacturers Instead of Arresting Criminals

It’s a sad day when Democrats don’t know how to end gun crimes. Rather than going after the criminals, they’re looking to sue gun manufacturers.

The gun manufacturers aren’t doing anything wrong. They’re operating within the parameters of the law. Who the guns get sold to or what people use the guns for once they’re purchased are out of their hands.

However, Senator Zellnor Myrie, a Democrat out of New York, believes that there’s a way to fix the problem. He wants to make it possible for NY residents to sue gun manufacturers. Why? How?

The senator asks the industry a blanket question: “What are you going to do about your products that are killing our people? You have experienced record profits this past year … and while you make record profits, we experienced record death.”

Ahh, well, it’s clear that the senator is completely clueless.

The gun industry isn’t going to do anything about their products. They work, case closed.

The only reason that the gun industry has experienced record profits is that people feel the need to protect and defend themselves. When liberals are walking around rioting with guns in their hands, it’s hard to feel safe.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters have had guns in their hands. Where are the liberals to scream about this? Oh, right. Silence. It’s okay if the left-wingers have guns. The liberals are more concerned about anyone else that might have a gun.

The ‘record death’ that Myrie speaks about is because of bad politics within his state. Further, it’s because of liberal rioting that has been fueled by hate.

Plenty of states have residents benefiting from what gun manufacturers have to sell without contributing to large death rates. Perhaps New York needs to take a look at that before allowing residents to sue gun manufacturers.

Where are the high death rates in Texas? The state has some of the most gun owners in the U.S. – and yet there isn’t mindless shooting in the streets.

The Democrats want to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get their hands on guns. This includes mental health evaluations, gun safety courses, and drug tests. Fine, whatever. People will pass those and get guns. Then, what? Another shooting happens and it will be because someone got their hands on a gun illegally.

The Democrats aren’t making any sense. They assume that criminals who will shoot someone in cold blood will actually follow the law to obtain a gun. Criminals don’t follow the law. If they did, they wouldn’t go through the legal routes to buy a gun only to commit murder.

New York already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States. But, there’s still a wave of violence sweeping across New York City.

So, they’ve given up. They don’t know how to stop gun violence through laws, so they’ll do it by allowing gun manufacturers to be sued. Do they really think that will stop the violence?

Perhaps they need to follow Kamala Harris’s example and look for the “root cause.” That should keep them busy for a while. Look at the root cause as to why people are being so violent in New York City.

They’ll likely find that there’s no real deterrent. Many who commit crimes in New York City aren’t charged with a crime. And if they are, they’re an illegal alien – so they’ll be released quickly because that’s the MO for the Democratic Party.

If New Yorkers want to clean up the streets, they have to start with a true criminal justice system where those committing crimes are forced to pay. It’s time to let NYPD get to work.

Rudy Giuliani cleaned up the streets without suing gun manufacturers in the 1990s. Maybe, just maybe, New York City’s real problem is that they need a Republican mayor to get the job done.