Dems’ Ramping up Censorship! California Now Makes It a Crime to Criticize Mail-In Voting

Back in the day, you could speak out about political issues without being subjected to all sorts of unwanted rejoinders. People love to argue these days and there is no such thing as agreeing to disagree. There’s an ongoing national debate that does not seem to be getting anywhere. The activities that were once viewed as admirable are no longer worthy of the same attention.

That’s what happens when the Democrats are allowed to chip away at our democracy. The same party that loses their minds whenever they are confronted with differing viewpoints is quick to act like everyone else is intolerant. The latest example of this hypocrisy is now taking place in the state of California.

They have allowed an insane new law to pass and we can hardly believe our eyes. Anyone who is not talking about mail-in voting in the proper manner is going to be subjected to punishment. The Democrat majority will now be charging you with a misdemeanor if you are found to be spreading any form of “misinformation” about mail-in voting.

Gavin Newsom has already signed the bill into law, which forbids people from spreading any false information on social media or in person. Law enforcement is being asked to start prosecuting any offenders immediately. SB 739 is already in full effect and has been since the bill was signed by Newsom last Friday.

“If you’re putting out tweets, Facebook posts or using social and other types of media to intentionally mislead voters about their right and ability to vote by mail, that’s now a crime, and it’s my hope local D.A.s and the state attorney general will go after violators the moment they see them,” says Sen. Henry Stern.

He is the Democrat who is responsible for authoring the bill. The law is not going to curb any perceived problem, though. In fact, it is hard to see this law being able to stand up to a court challenge. Political speech is being criminalized in front of our very eyes. The implications for the First Amendment here are massive.

Anyone who is accused must have “actual knowledge and intent to deceive”. Any lawyer worth their salt is going to shred this law in a court case. What happens to people who are sharing information that may be factually incorrect, without having “intent to deceive”? The world is filled with people who pass along information that they find online.

That does not mean that they wish to intentionally deceive people. This is the defense that is going to be provided by anyone who finds themselves in legal hot water over this law. Any guilty party needs to have passed along “voting information that is incorrect, false, or misleading.” From there, it’s the prosecutor’s responsibility to decide what constitutes “misleading”.

No one where the line between facts and legitimate criticism will be drawn, making this a terrifying law for anyone to enforce. California is basically engaging in virtue signaling of the highest level. The information that is provided must be considered a patent falsehood for the legal system to proceed. It’s tough to see any prosecutor taking on such a case.

We have been wrong before but there’s just no legal precedent here. All a person needs to do is claim that they had no idea the information was not correct. How can a judge determine whether someone is lying or not in these instances? You’re asking someone to look into a stranger’s heart and make a major decision about where their loyalties lie.

If this sounds insane to anyone who is reading this, that is because it is. Hopefully, one of these cases is brought to court. We would pay to be a fly on the wall for those court proceedings, that is for sure. Let’s see how well this one shakes out for the California liberals who are trying to control their conservative population.