Dems Think Allen Weisselberg’s Testimony Could Hurt Trump

Dems Think Allen Weisselberg's Testimony Could Hurt Trump
Dems Think Allen Weisselberg's Testimony Could Hurt Trump

The Democrats are now targeting Allen Weisselberg in their investigation of Trump. They believe this longtime associate of the president is the key to their case against him. They are trying to prove Trump has been a willing participant in illegal activity concerning taxes, his businesses and private financial matters.

Hot Points

  • The Dems are certain that Weisselberg knows about all the skeletons in Trump’s proverbial closet after Michael Cohen’s recent testimony. Cohen, a former Trump attorney, named Weisselberg over and over during his televised testimony. He has stated, referring to Trump’s possible crimes, “Allen Weisselberg, he knows.”
  • Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) said, “I think if there’s any one person who has a view of that and a perspective of that and a granular understanding of that, it will be Mr. Weisselberg.”
  • President Trump is not concerned about his longtime associate turning on him. In an interview in the Oval Office with Bloomberg News back in 2018, Trump said Weisselberg, is “a wonderful guy.” Allen Weisselberg has not only showed his loyalty to President Trump; he also worked for the president’s father, Fred, and has been with the family since 1973.
  • Weisselberg is Trump’s chief financial officer and still maintains an office in Trump Tower. When Trump became president he turned over the operations of his company to Weisselberg and his two older sons. Former Trump campaign aides, David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski, who wrote a book, said in their book, “Allen Weisselberg… knows of every dime that leaves the building.”
  • No matter how hard the Dems try to bring Trump down, in the end they need to produce some actual evidence to do so. Targeting a loyal employee with over 40 years of service to the Trump family may not be the best way to go about it.