Dems Want to Spy on Us for Vaccine Misinformation Via Text

The Democrats continue to step on our privacy. They want to make demands that are outrageous. With each and every demand that they make, they’re beginning to sound more like Communist China.

Now, the ultra-liberals are worried that there may be vaccine misinformation being spread by text. After all, why else would Americans not be lining up to get vaccinated against COVID? It couldn’t possibly be because the vaccine is still not FDA approved or because there’s significant mistrust of the federal government.

Misinformation is something we all have to deal with. By doing our own research and by using validated sources, we can find out whether something is true or not.

However, the Democrats have a better plan…or so they think.

The Democratic National Committee wants SMS (Short Message Service) carriers to police private text messages.

Excuse us?

This reeks of desperation. SMS carriers are supposed to be maintaining privacy for their clients. What we send back and forth via text to our contacts is our business.

Yet, the DNC wants to violate this privacy in the name of pushing against vaccine misinformation.

The DNC and other allies of the Biden administration are eager to “engage fact-checkers more aggressively.” This includes working with phone companies to combat misinformation.

Private SMS messages and social media alike would be privy to these aggressive fact-checkers. The problem is, who is going to determine whether what we send or post is fact or simply a joke or a bit of sarcasm? And, what are the penalties going to be if the fact-checking identify misinformation?

White House officials have already grown frustrated by Republicans because of how the door-to-door pro-vaccination campaign is being portrayed. Essentially, Republicans have poked fun at how ridiculous it is – and how it’s not going to provide the results that the Biden administration thinks that it will.

There’s a lot of mistrust. A White House official knocking on someone’s door to talk about the vaccine isn’t going to help matters. And neither is spying on text messages.

So, what would happen? We’re having a text conversation back and forth. Then, suddenly, one text doesn’t get delivered. Why? Oh, an SMS carrier chose to spy on us and flag out the message as spreading misinformation, so they kindly deleted it.

One SMS message that Politico cited that would have been flagged by an SMS carrier was sent by Charlie Kirk, the co-founder of a conservative activist group. He “falsely” stated that “Biden is sending goons door-to-door to make you take a COVID-19 vaccine. The liberals say that what Kirk said is false, but where is the false claim in that? Biden has literally said that he’ll send people door-to-door to promote the vaccine. Okay, so maybe they’re not goons, but…

The text that Kirk sent out also included a petition for Americans to sign that involved “no medical raids.”

It’s free speech. It’s the protection of our rights. It’s the protection of our privacy.

We cannot allow the SMS carriers to begin spying on what we say. They cannot be allowed to determine what texts do and don’t get delivered simply because the Democrats don’t like what conservatives have to say about the vaccines.

Kevin Munoz, the White House spokesman, explains “When we see deliberate efforts to spread misinformation, we view that as an impediment to the country’s public health and will not shy away from calling that out.”

Are the efforts deliberate, though? And is it really misinformation? The reality is that every American is aware of COVID-19 vaccines at this point. However, forcing people to take a vaccine, particularly one that is not FDA approved, is not something that the federal government should have a right to do.

What’s truly amusing is that the Biden administration has blamed misinformation for vaccine hesitancy. One of the biggest ones responsible for misinformation is the VP herself. After all, she told Americans throughout the pandemic last year that if Trump told her to take it, she wasn’t going to. Now, Biden is telling everyone to take it, and we’re supposed to just do it? Not a chance…