DeSantis’ New Campaign Message Might Be Offensive

By Leonard Zhukovsky/
By Leonard Zhukovsky/

If you haven’t heard of Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis by now, it’s probably because you’ve been living in a cave for about the last year or two.

One major reason that he is so well known and on a national level no less is that he’s not one to hold his punches much. While he’s definitely a bit more refined, as some might say, or politically appealing than our former President Donald Trump, he has always seemed to have that same ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude.

And his one of his latest campaign items, or at least the messaging attached to it, proves that rather clearly.

DeSantis, unsurprisingly, offers a variety of items with his name attached to it. One of them is a pair of golf balls, as his state is a go-to for avid golfers. For $19.95, those who wish can order a TaylorMade pair of golf balls. And while the golf balls themselves are nothing if not average, the same cannot be said for the packaging.

Fixed across the top of the box is a phrase that reads, “Florida’s Governor Has a Pair.” Along the bottom of the box, it reads “Hold the Line.”

It comes with a campaign that portrays DeSantis as the kind of leader who doesn’t take any guff and is willing to do what needs to be done to ensure the people in his state have the freedoms entitled to them by our national constitution.

In one video posted to Twitter that goes along with the golf balls, images of a golf swing are shown with overlaying text saying, “Leadership in Democratic states is weak. But not in Florida.”

In another tweet, the DeSantis team claims that the Florida governor is one of the few who has the “courage to stand his ground and fortify Florida as the model of freedom.” It adds, “Now, we’ve got the golf balls to back it up.”

And in an email to go along with the campaign, his team notes that “standing firm” and “defending freedom” is just “par for the course” with DeSantis.

Undoubtedly, more than a few have taken offense to the message and its obvious innuendos. But, according to the political left, this is proof that DeSantis and his party are nothing but immature middle school boys and, as such, are not the leaders America needs.

Of course, it’s not likely that the conservative governor will care one whit what these people think of him or their public criticism of him.

I mean, this is the same man who took on White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci and his COVID-19 guidelines nearly as soon as they came out. For nearly every regulation and mandate that Fauci has suggested, given that they are overbearing and unconstitutional, DeSantis has refused to follow them.

In fact, the governor has multiple items in his merchandise store, including shirts and koozies, that display the phrase, “Don’t Fauci My Florida.”

Similarly, he’s gone after Democratic President Joe Biden’s ideas on the pandemic, including both masking and vaccine mandates. The most recent of which took place in Brandon, Florida, where he held a press conference once again defying Biden’s vaccine mandate and claiming Florida as a state free of the fear of losing one’s job over not being double jabbed, according to Fox News.

He said, “At the end of the day, nobody in Florida should be losing their job over these jabs.” And so, they won’t – not in the Sunshine State.

Many noted that the choice of the town the press conference took place in could have been taken as yet another jab at the Biden administration, given the rising popularity of the “Let’s go, Brandon” chant that has quickly taken over not only the nation but the world.

And this is not the first time DeSantis has referred to the chant. In another recent press conference, DeSantis called the reigning staff of the White House the “Brandon administration.”

But given the left’s cancel culture and near-constant attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with them, it’s about time someone gave them a taste of their own medicine and let them know that Americans won’t be pushed around.