Despicable: AOC Gives Sickening Advice to Rioting Looters

During these times of civil unrest and seemingly constant chaos, lines are being drawn in community after community, dividing friends, homes, and even families. It is in times like these that we need our governmental leaders to step up and encourage peace and unity and to condemn violence and hate. However, for those like New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it seems they want to do precisely the opposite.

As you well know, since the wrongful death of Minneapolis, Minnesota resident George Floyd, protest after protest has been organized. At first, these peaceful events were created to bring awareness to the wrong that was done and get justice for Floyd. However, as protests incited by hate and violence often do, these events have quickly turned into all-out riots, complete with looting, vandalism, and even physical violence.

Many have pointed out, these latter “demonstrations,” as mainstream media has taken to calling them, aren’t helping the situation, nor are they bringing about justice in any form. Instead, they only serve to breed lawlessness and anarchy. And AOC knows it; otherwise, she wouldn’t feel the need to post a “protesting safely” cheat sheet.

She says on her Instagram account, “BE SAFE. Here’s our guide on being prepared for safe protests. PLEASE READ.”

Now, based on this first line, you might think she would be encouraging “protesters” to keep to social distancing guidelines and stay away from those that may be participating in less than legal activities. However, as we can see from the graphic she provides, this isn’t at all what she is talking about.

Instead, she offers advice on what to wear, including “nondescript, solid color, layered clothing,” especially ones that hide any “identifying tattoos.” She also suggests that you wear your hair pulled back, wear goggles, and a mask.

Yep, that’s right. The self-proclaimed socialist has gone so far to encourage these so-called protesters that she is giving out advice on how to do it best, including what to wear and bring with you, in case you should need to evade arrest or something.

So we are basically doing everything we can to hide our identity and evade arrest, right? Why else would you need to disguise yourself?

And don’t forget your “heat resistant gloves.”

I’m sorry, but what in the world does a peaceful protester need with heat resistant gloves? The fact is they don’t unless they aren’t so friendly and are starting fires or something.

In addition, AOC recommends bringing items like “water for drinking & tear gas,” as well as plenty of snacks. Because peaceful protests are so exhausting. Not.

Bandages, first aid supplies, earplugs, and emergency contacts are also suggested for you to have on hand. Let’s just say that none of these things give me the idea that anything “peaceful” is going on.

But she is far from finished.

She goes on to let you know about a few items you shouldn’t bring, should you feel the urge to protest in the streets. These include your cellphone (another way to keep your identity hidden), or if you must have the “Face/Touch ID” turned off, the data disabled, or the phone in airplane mode to avoid detection.

Also, the radical leftist says to make sure that you leave your drugs and knives at home. No, she doesn’t actually say the word drugs or knives. Still, it is definitely implied, as the safety guideline includes images of a pocketknife and a little baggy containing what appears to be marijuana. Next to these images is a phrase identifying the two as “anything you don’t want to be arrested with.”

This suggests that the actions she expects these people to be partaking in will undoubtedly end in arrests. And so, if they are going to be arrested, she might as well make sure those arrests aren’t made more difficult by adding the possession of drugs or weapons.

Now, tell me again how peaceful protests, a First Amendment right, ends in arrests? Oh, that’s right. They don’t unless individuals are participating in illegal activities and not being quite so “peaceful.”

Furthermore, while AOC advises her audience to take note of anything that “seems off to you,” especially regarding any “white supremacists” who “may be infiltrating these protests, breaking windows and destroying property,” she doesn’t tell them not to participate in those activities themselves. Instead, she advises them to simply “STAY SAFE and take care of each other.”

What a good anarchist mother hen…