Did Zuckerberg and Trump Have a Secret Dinner?

Mark Zuckerberg is not a favorite with the Democratic Party. They feel Facebook has gone too far and needs to be shut down because it’s a monopoly. Meanwhile, Trump is a businessman. He recognizes a strong businessman when he sees it. Zuckerberg and Trump recently had dinner together and the Democrats simply cannot handle themselves.

One who seems to be unable to contain her anger is presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who has vowed to break up the company if she gets into office. However, Facebook has already been down that road. They’ve proven that they’re not a monopoly. Nobody needs Facebook. First and foremost, it’s a social media platform. The Dems just don’t like it because they don’t understand it.

The Democrats don’t seem to understand that Mark Zuckerberg is capable of having dinner with whoever he wants. However, the Facebook CEO attended an undisclosed dinner with Trump. Meanwhile, Dems identified that the tech mogul is trying to cozy up to the administration while regulators scrutinize how the company treats its competitors.

The White House dinner occurred in October following months of furious Democrats screaming about Facebook practices, including their political ad policy. The Dems don’t seem to want to read the fine print that occurs when anyone does anything on Facebook.

People have to check a box or agree if they want their information shared. If information is being shared, it’s because they have allowed it to happen. Further, Facebook has identified that they aren’t going to fact check.

They have specific regulations in place to prevent child pornography, hate crimes, and various other filters. However, if people are going to spend ad money, they cannot fact check everything. The Democrats don’t like this because they feel it is a license for “spewing falsehoods.”

According to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Facebook is “hiding it” and that it’s “for a reason.” Zuckerberg has appeared on Capitol Hill on multiple occasions to identify that they aren’t hiding anything.

It is all part of their ad policy which can be viewed online. The problem is that not everyone wants to view the fine print. According to AOC, she feels as though Facebook is tailoring its ad policy to appease the Trump administration.

Elizabeth Warren identified the dinner as “corruption, plain and simple.” Of course, she would say that because she doesn’t understand Facebook. Zuckerberg has had to break it down to a number of older congressmen and women to explain how social media works. Many have admitted that they don’t have Facebook accounts simply because they don’t “get it.”

Warren has essentially called Trump ignorant by saying that Facebook is charming Republican lawmakers. Trump has been a successful businessman for decades. He isn’t going to be persuaded by a single CEO and their sweet-talk in order to overcome various regulations.

Warren and plenty of other Democrats have meetings with individuals all the time, regardless of whether they like them or not. It’s called smart business.

Zuckerberg is also well aware of what would happen if Warren were to become president, telling his Facebook employees over the summer that they would need to “go to the mat” in a legal fight with that administration because of her desire to call for the breakup of the company.

The battle has been growing considerably between outspoken Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and the social media company for close to a year. Many are worried that Zuckerberg is going to snuggle closer to the GOP as a way to prevent a disastrous fallout in Washington DC. As such, the dinner with Trump caused many Democrats to fear that it was coming true.

Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel, a board member of Facebook and a prominent ally of Trump in the tech sector, had dinner with Trump and the First Lady in October, which Facebook confirmed on Thursday. This is when the Democrats have had a full field day, calling both Zuckerberg and Trump every name in the book.

What about all of the other dinners that are had between companies and politicians? What Zuckerberg and Trump did is no different than if Elizabeth Warren were to have dinner with the CEO of Lockheed Martin or if Chuck Schumer were to have dinner with the CEO of Deloitte. It’s important to have an inside track with major companies and their CEOs. Breaking bread with important people is part of doing politics.

With Warren and many other Dems getting so upset about the “secret” dinner that was had, they’ve clearly shown that there’s a double standard. It’s okay if they have dinner with a CEO but it’s “corruption” if Donald Trump does it.