Disrespectful BLM Attacks Their Mothers and Calls them Racist

As the world watches the drama of the Black Lives Matter group unravel because of infighting there is a sigh of relief that the end of the violence is in sight. BLM has its supporters and those that hold them high for the world to see.

One group that formed in Portland is called the “Wall of Moms” which was set up to try and protect those that wanted to protest and then ultimately destroy public property. They wanted to protect the protestors from federal agents harming them in retaliation for being violent.

The mothers that set out to care for the violent babies have now been accused of “anti-Blackness” by another group called “Don’t Shoot Portland,” a branch of BLM. The infighting has begun and the end is in sight for these vigilante groups to destroy each other.

The “Don’t Shoot Portland” mob is claiming that the other is not doing well enough to keep their babies from being killed.

It has never occurred to either group that their babies are adults and they have made the choice to be violent. They will learn that there are consequences for their actions. They do not have the right to take property from others and destroy it. And these two groups are guilty of aiding them in their destructive path.

But their soap opera drama does not stop there. The accusative group also is blaming their founder Bev Barnum for actions that they do not approve of. She is accused of registering them as a non-profit group and making comments against the mom’s group. It’s a fight to the death and neither side is fairing very well.

Barnum’s group accused the “Wall of Moms” of not supporting black lives. The moms were to be the shield for their adult children. They were to stand between the federal agents and the violent babies.

They are the sad picture of people that try and protect their adult children throughout life. Which means the child never learns to accept responsibility for their actions.

Federal agents are not the enemy. The enemy is the people that are attacking private businesses and people that get in the way.

The soap opera started after the Wall of Moms had their white women step down from leadership so black women could take over. The Don’t Shoot Portland group planted Teressa Raiford, one of their executive directors, in the leadership of the other group.

It was then that the fellowship was broken. It was then that the Bev Barnum started attacking the mom’s group. It sounds like two baby girls fighting and tearing groups apart.

One group accused the other of not protecting black women and the rest is history. The girly drama is enough to make people puke in their mouths. The whole protest over anything mentality and now the infighting of the people that are supposed to be running things makes for the worst reality television show.

The irony of everything is found in what Barnum wrote about WOM. She stated, “We began having safety concerns within the group because Black women started saying they were not protected by WOM leadership.”

She wants to see security for those out rioting and looting in the name of justice. She wants security from the ones that should be giving it to them. That’s right, they hate the police. So, there is no one to protect them.

Maybe they all should have thought the whole thing through before trying to defund the police. Barnum went rogue is the cry of the Don’t Shoot Portland. They claim she does not represent them and what they are trying to do. But no one really knows what they are trying to do in the first place. What it looks like is they are trying to assist criminals. Which is an arrestable offense.

When parents promote the bad behavior of their kids an entire generation is in trouble. Both parents and children should be arrested. Violence does not change things. But using the proper channels to enact change does.